It’s Always Sunny: The ANTI-Social Network (11/3/11)

its always sunny the anit-social network

The gang at Paddy’s Pub are getting back into the world of the internet, well some of them at least. I just hope this doesn’t lead to more unknown family members and what not. I am very curious to see what Frank does that causes him to go viral though.

The ANTI-Social Network

While Dennis and Charlie track down an annoying Paddy’s patron the old-fashioned way, Dee and Mac cyberstalk him. Frank is online as well, trying to boost business at the bar. Things go viral, and not in a good way for Frank.

Solid episode of “Sunny” this week. The gang ends up at this posh “gin bar” that has no name after Dee hears about it on Facebook. Once they are there they determine that the only reason the place is so happening is because of Facebook so they decide that it’s time to give Paddy’s Pub a web presence… and blow the sign off building. However, as they are discussing their plans for Paddy’s at the “gin bar” a rude patron at the bar shush’s them to quiet them down, this doesn’t sit well with anyone.

Back at the bar Dee and Mac decide they are going to make some sort of viral video for Paddy’s to help bring people to the Facebook page and subsequently the bar. This sounds like a rehash of an old episode where Dee and Charlie set out to make a viral advertising video for Paddy’s and it just ends up with Dee getting repeatedly smashed in the face with a ball, but I digress. So Frank gets wind of the fact that they want to make a “virus” video and takes it upon himself to go get the video camera and start filming. Dennis and Charlie set out to find the rude person that shushed them at the bar by going down to the gin bar and vaguely describing the man. Meanwhile Mac and Dee decide that they too can’t stop thinking about the guy that shushed them so they set out to use Facebook to find him, which doesn’t take long, or so they thought.

Dennis and Charlie spend their time together as they try to find the shush guy at the bar. When they have no luck with that they resort to filing a fake police report so that they can get a sketch artist to draw them a picture. However, once the detective figures out that they were not assaulted by this man Charlie and Dennis start getting caught up in their lie and end up telling the cops that the man raped Dennis. They eventually get kicked out of the police station and get a caricature of the guy drawn by an artist in the park. The put up flyers with the picture and end up receiving a ton of phone calls with rude people shushing them.

Meanwhile Mac and Dee track down the guy on Facebook and befriend him only to find out that it’s really a bored woman pretending to be all these men. She’s doing crazy shit to these chicks like making them send her hair and stuff. And it even turns out that Dee has been talking to this same woman while the woman was pretending to be a different dude, so they hit a dead end.

Back at the bar Frank finishes his “virus” video and shows the gang. Frank took the word viral to mean virus and the video basically tells people that it’s a computer virus and they should spread it to all their friends… yeah, that’s not going to work, but at least it’s endorsed by Dr. Mantis Tobogan, so that’s a plus.

I thought the episode was pretty funny, it had some moments where it moved a bit slow, but the banter back and forth with the detective at the police station reminded me of past seasons. I love the random stuff said by Charlie and that conversation was a good one. Also when Mac and Dee met one of the “shushers” ex-girlfriends at some boutique store and Mac was trying to get her to tell him which ex-girlfriend website her naked pictures was on was pretty good. So overall I thought the episode was another solid entry this season and I haven’t lost faith yet.