It’s Always Sunny: Sweet Dee Gets Audited (10/6/11)

Looks like Sweet Dee hasn’t been properly paying her taxes and now the IRS is on her ass while the guys are trying a different approach at running the bar. We can only hope that Frank runs in blabbering about something and smashes his face into the ground again. Bloody, messed-up hair, Frank was hysterical last week and I pray her makes another appearance.

Sweet Dee Gets Audited

While Dee tries to weasel her way out of an IRS audit, the guys set up a new (and, they say, democratic) way of running Paddy’s

I know I said the same thing last year around this time, but “sunny” seems to be falling off a bit. I can remember being extremely excited to sit down and watch the new episodes, but lately I’m more excited to watch “The League”. I know it’s gotta be hard to be consistently funny over the years, but I don’t know, these are talented dudes, I know they can do better.

Anyways, this weeks episode revolved around Dee getting audited. She’s been claiming the baby she had for the tranny as her own dependent on her taxes and it finally caught up with her. After arriving home one day she finds an auditor from the IRS in her hallway waiting for her. Dee makes up some excuse and tells the lady to come back at 3 that day. She runs out and buys a crib and a bunch of baby stuff to make it look like she actually has a baby and she enlists Mac and Charlie to find her a baby. Meanwhile, at the bar Frank is making all the major decisions and the guys don’t like it so they decide to put everything to a vote. That doesn’t work out so well because Mac and Charlie have an idea and Frank and Dennis have another so it’s always 2-2.

I think they funniest part of the episode was Mac and Charlie arguing over a crucifix in the bar. The Dee storyline just didn’t really do it for me although I did like the fact that they tried to make the IRS lady believe that the baby had died, it reminds me of the old “Sunny” when the characters were just awful, in a good way. The dead dog flopping out of the baby casket at the end was amusing, but overall I wasn’t feeling the episode. Now, don’t think I’m writing this season off entirely, I know these guys are capable of extremely funny TV and the first 2 episodes of the season were pretty good, so I just hope this was that “bad episode” that we get every season.

What did you guys think? Did you like last nights episode or did they start too strong with Charlie puking blood in the season premiere? It’s gonna be hard to top that episode this season I feel.