It’s Always Sunny: Storm of the Century (10/20/11)

its always sunny in philadelphia storm of the century

There’s gotta be another episode that rivals the season premiere in terms of hilarity, hopefully tonight is that episode. It’s been a less than stellar season so far, but I haven’t written the show off yet. I know Rob, Charlie and Glenn have the ability to write funny stuff so hopefully they can step things up tonight.

Storm of the Century

It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia: An apocalyptic storm is bearing down on the City of Brotherly Love, and everyone’s in panic mode – except for Frank.

The storm of the century is barreling down on Philadelphia so the guys decide to keep up to date with the weather by watching the news. They aren’t necessarily interested in the weather though and more so on the big breasted news reporter. Dee, meanwhile, is extremely nervous that they are all going to die in the hurricane and suggests that they go down to the bunker they built in the basement of the bar, but upon opening the door to the bunker they find out that all of the food they had stored down there is gone and Dennis has been taking girls down there to rape… I mean sex, while Charlie and Mac watch.

Since the bunker has no supplies they decide to head to the local big-box retailer to get supplies and food. Mac thinks they should get a 3D tv in order to see the weather girls breasts in 3D, while Dennis more worried about getting girls to come back to the bunker and Charlie is the only one trying to get actual supplies. While all of this is going on Frank stays back with Dee only because he was too slow to make it out of there when she turned around. And of course Rickety Cricket makes his way into the basement of the bar because that’s apparently where he goes when it rains out. This turns out bad for Cricket when he surprises Frank and Frank shoots through his hand. So now Dee and Frank have to take Cricket to the hospital, but they get sidetracked and head over to the store to help the guys with supplies.

Mac has now completely disappeared with all of the cash, but Dennis still has Frank’s credit cards. Charlie brings a huge cart of supplies over to Dennis, but he’s preoccupied with some girls he’s trying to bring back to the bar. This doesn’t work out so well when he finds out they have boyfriends and he flips out on them. It’s at this point that Dennis decides that he needs to come up with a contract for the girls to sign saying they don’t have boyfriends and can’t leave the bunker unless he says so. While he’s showing Charlie the contract, that Charlie wants to sign, Dennis notices the weather girl and becomes mesmerized by her tits. He’s at a loss for words, but still wants to approach her and try to get her back to the bar.

While Dennis is bumbling around the weather girl, she gets a phone call telling her that the storm has been downgraded to a light drizzle and she now has to find another story. It’s at this point that Frank and Dee are in the store and all of Charlie’s supplies got stolen out of his cart. Cricket, bleeding to death and still in the car, decides he’s going to drive himself to the hospital, but instead crashes through the front of the store leading to everyone looting. Meanwhile, Mac is back at the bar in the bunker eating food while watching the weather girl broadcast in 3D from the store.

I thought it was a pretty solid episode this week. It had some very funny moments and didn’t seem to drag like the last few episodes. Like I’ve said, I was disappointed with the last few, but I’m not writing the show off yet and last night proved why.