It’s Always Sunny: Mac’s Big Break (10/7/10)

always sunny macs big break

The season is starting to redeem itself after last week’s episode so let’s hope it stays on that path. The previews for tonight’s episode didn’t have me too excited, but I’m not going to judge it by the preview, I’m sure it’ll be funny.

Mac’s Big Break

Mac finally gets his big break after correctly answering a radio station’s trivia question. Meanwhile, Frank, Dennis and Dee start their own bar-banter podcast.

The episode opens with Mac and Charlie winning a radio contest, they win the chance to shoot a puck into the goal at a Flyers game in order to win a party at a beach house with the radio DJs and apparently sports stars. Meanwhile Frank is sitting around recording the banter between Dennis and Dee so that he can listen to it in his car later since his radio is broken. Of course this makes Dennis and Dee think that they could be on the radio so they decide to do a podcast.

While Dennis and Dee are doing their podcast, Mac and Charlie are trying to get ready for the big shot at the Flyers game. Mac doesn’t have much experience with Hockey so he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. They go outside in front of the bar and start hitting cans, but Mac’s first instinct is to hold the hockey stick like a weapon to which Charlie tells him is a bad idea and then Mac starts throwing around the word Jabroni (or Jabronie, Jabronee, etc), and obviously that becomes his go to phrase for the rest of the episode. They decide to head over to the ice rink to give the shot a try since the cans aren’t really moving on the asphalt. Once at the ice rink, it’s free skate so there are a bunch of people skating around in circles around the rink, but that doesn’t stop Mac and Charlie from hitting pucks at the boards. Eventually they get kicked out and come back later, Mac can’t skate so cue up the 80’s “Cutting Edge” montage of Charlie teaching Mac to skate.

Meanwhile back at the bar, Dennis and Dee are trying to record their podcast, which is terrible by the way, while Frank watches on while eating crackers. They try to talk about serious topics, but Dee has no idea what they are talking about so they bring in guests. First up is Cricket who can’t talk correctly due to the fact that the would on his neck, from when Frank slashed him with the garbage can, got infected and healed funny so it looks like a dogs vagina. He even goes so far as to tell a story about how he woke up with other night with a dog, fully aroused, sniffing his neck… The next guest was Soldier Ben who starts talking about the war to a strange-voiced Dennis until Frank chimes in and wants to know details about when Ben and Dee were banging. And lastly we have the waitress who only comes in because she thinks that Dennis is going to apologize to her, which isn’t the case. Frank tries to get her to take her top off and drink soup out of his shoe for $500. She agrees to drink the soup, but not to take her top off. Of course Cricket can’t find any soup so he ends up bringing in a bucket of dirty dish soap and pouring it on her head.

Skip forward to the Flyers game where we see Mac and Charlie getting all psyched up for the shot although he’s a little worried about puking since Charlie keeps telling him he’ll probably puke. The announcers announce Mac and he comes out wearing the duster while Charlie has an American flag draped over his shoulders. Mac skates around for a bit riling up the crowd, then skates over to the DJ and hands them a demo tape that Dee and Dennis made then proceeds to call them Jabronies as he winds up for the slap shot. The shot completely destroys the wooden goalie that was trying to save the shot and the crowd starts cheering “Mac, Mac, Mac…”. Fade into Charlie saying “Mac, Mac, Mac….” as Mac wakes up on the ice. Apparently he fell face first onto the ice as soon as he stepped onto it, thus knocking himself out. Charlie ended up taking the shot and missing wide right, but Mac still made ESPN because they continued to play his fall on the jumbo-tron over and over again.

Decent episode, some good one liners, still not as good as some of the past seasons episodes, but I’ll take it. What did you guys think? And how the hell do you really spell Jabronee???

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