It’s Always Sunny: Mac Fights Gay Marriage (9/16/10)

it's always sunny: mac fights gay marriage

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back, thank the lord! Season 6 kicks off tonight with Mac defending his views of gay marriage and it’s sure to be a good one as always. Check out the synopsis below and come back tomorrow for a recap and possibly animated gifs and images.

Mac Fights Gay Marriage (9/16/10)

Season 6 premiere: Mac defends traditional marriage, while the rest of the gang reap the rewards of wedded bliss.

Pretty solid first episode to start season 6. Mac find out that the tranny, Carmen, is now married and becomes very jealous since she/he no longer has a dick and never called him, so he goes on a rant about how gay marriage is bad and that they shouldn’t be allowed to be married, because she used to be a dude… Basically he calls Carmen’s husband gay even though he waited until Carmen had the dick removed where as Mac banged her while she still had a dick, which adds even more mystery to the fact that Mac could possibly be gay.

Meanwhile Charlie and Frank look into getting married to each other so that Charlie can get on Frank’s health insurance so they don’t have to crack each others backs all the time. And to go along with that, Dennis has always thought that he would be married by this age so he tracks down Maureen Ponderosa, his old high school girlfriend, and they meet and instantly get married, which turns out to be a terrible idea because she has terrible breath and a dead tooth.

My favorite line from the episode was from Charlie after the back cracking, Frank Says “… are you proposing?”, Charlie responds “Well we’re already friends, why not be friend with benefits”, obviously referring to the health insurance, but it sure didn’t come out that way. There was also a lot of dry heaving/gagging that is always entertaining, and the attempt to hide Dee’s baby belly worked for the most part, there were only a few moments when I could tell she was pregnant.

Just like last season I did notice all the sponsors and product placement that is starting to make it’s way into the show, and while I understand why they do it, I don’t think they need to do it to this extent. The Coors sponsorship works because they work in a bar, but the obvious Subway plug was a little obnoxious. But either way, I look forward to the rest of the season. And I’ll be back every week with the synopsis and a small write-up the next day on the episodes, along with any pictures or animated gifs that I feel were funny.

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