It’s Always Sunny: Mac and Dennis Break Up (11/12/09)

Based on the preview alone this looks like a great episode. They didn’t show much of the Mac and Dennis break up, but they did show what happened to Dee’s cat. Somehow the cat got into the wall of her apartment and she can’t find him to get him out so Charlie comes up with the idea to tie a string to another cat and put it in the wall and once the two cats bond he’s going to pull the cat out, bringing Dee’s cat with it. The only problem is when Charlie pulls the string there is no cat on the other end, so now there are two cats stuck in the walls. Pure genius.

Mac and Dennis Break Up

Mac and Dennis decide to take a break from each other, a development that strains relationships. Meanwhile, “kitten mitten” Charlie helps Dee find her lost cat.

So normally how I do this is I’ll watch the episode when it airs (or slightly after on the DVR) and then write a recap which publishes early in the morning on Friday. Well last night had some conflicts, I still got to watch the episode, but it wasn’t until after the Bears game (which was shitty) so I didn’t stay up to write a recap. So seeing as how I’m not in front of my DVR at the moment I’m going to try to recap the episode from memory rather than watching as I’m writing. So if I miss anything feel free to let me know in the comments. And I will preface this recap by saying that honestly, I was not too impressed with the episode last night.

The episode starts off with Mac and Dennis barging in on Dee’s apartment looking for a giant bowl to hold popcorn for their Thursday movie night. They are going to watch Predator again for what is apparently like the 30th time in 2 months, but more on that later. So they go to Dee’s to get a giant bowl and discover that she has recently bought a cat to keep her company. She tries to explain why she bought a cat; she’s lonely, needs someone to talk to, etc… and Mac and Dennis inform her that she’s taking the first step to becoming a crazy cat lady, yet she doesn’t believe them and instead flips it and tells them that she has never seen two grown men that can’t go an hour without checking in with one another. They both had to come and get a bowl together, which is clearly a one person job, but Mac was there to hold the bowl while Dennis made snide comments about Dee, although the only one he could come up with was that she looked like a bird…

After the intro we have Mac looking a little frantic as he’s on his cell phone near the window of his and Dennis’ apartment. Dennis comes back into the apartment and Mac asks him where he was and why he wasn’t answering his phone. Dennis tells him that he was at the video store renting a movie and he couldn’t answer because he was talking to the clerk about movie recommendations. Still all flustered, Mac asks him why he didn’t respond to his “911” texts. Again Dennis tells him he was talking to the Clerk and asks Mac what the emergency was, to which he responds that the emergency was that Dennis wasn’t answering his calls and that he almost called the police to report him missing. There’s a little more banter between the two regarding the movie store clerk which makes Mac jealous, then Dennis informs him that he rented Transporter 2 instead of Predator. Mac gets a little upset about this and they start arguing about Jason Stathom and the combined body mass of the actors in Predator and just general weird shit about the bodies of the guys in Predator. It’s at this point that Dennis informs Mac that he thinks they need some time apart and Mac should go stay at Charlie’s apartment. As Mac is standing in the door way to his room, there is a knock on the front door. Dennis opens it to find a cop standing there who says he’s responding to a missing persons call…

Dennis decides to go back to Dee’s and watch the movie with her, but when he gets there he discovers that she has a little bit of a situation with her cat. Somehow the cat has gotten itself stuck in the walls and she can’t seem to get him out. Meanwhile Mac goes over to Charlie’s apartment and immediately starts bugging the shit out of Frank and Charlie by cleaning up the trash and suggesting a better way to clean a cut on Frank’s toe that he got from botching his toe nail cutting which he uses a steak knife for. So Dennis calls Charlie and asks him if he wants to come over to Dee’s place to watch a movie with him and he’s a little hesitant at first until he hears about the cat situation, then he’s all over it. In the background Mac is constantly asking if Dennis is asking about him which also helps Charlie leave the apartment.

Upon arriving at Dee’s, Charlie finds Dennis and Dee arguing about the skin of an apple. Apparently whenever Dennis would eat apples Mac would peel the skin off of them for him because he claimed they were full of toxins and he didn’t want Dennis eating them. So after arguing for a bit Dee peels the apple for Dennis as Charlie and Dee come up with a plan to get the cat out of the wall. After leaving cheeto stains on the wall Charlie decides that the best plan of action is to put another cat in the wall with a string attached to it, that cat will then bond with Dee’s cat and once that happens, Charlie will pull the string and both cats will come out of the wall. Yeah, well the string breaks and now there are 2 cats in the wall and the only other idea Charlie has is to put more cats in the wall, but Dee has a better plan, she’s going to go buy a bird and put that in the wall to lure the cats out.

Before Dee leaves, Frank randomly shows up as he can’t deal with Mac around the apartment anymore. He cleaned everything, put plastic on the couch and flipped out at Frank when he started eating an apple that had the skin on it and then when Frank goes to peel it, Mac flips out again because Frank was using his Toe nail knife to peel it. So now at Dee’s apartment Frank and Charlie are working on the cat situation when Dennis comes in telling them he just ate an Apple seed and doesn’t know if that’s good or not. Frank says it’s fine but Dee and Charlie convince Dennis that he needs to make himself throw up, so he gets all nervous and goes to make himself throw up the seeds. It’s at this point that Dee leaves to get the bird and decides that she needs to get Mac and Dennis back together.

Mac is now sitting at a fancy restaurant waiting for what he thinks is a large breasted woman that Dee is setting him up with, but instead, Dennis walks in with Dee and sits down. Immediately Mac throws a glass of water on him and then Dennis does the same to Mac. They argue a bit and eventually realize that they need to be together. At this point the waiter walks over and tells them that they have to pay and leave, Dennis informs him that, that’s fine because they didn’t have anything, but then Mac says that he had a couple rum and cokes. The waiter chimes in saying that Mac had 6 rum and cokes to which Mac replies that he was nervous about the large breasted woman he was supposed to meet. Dennis offers to bail him out and everything is good between them.

Meanwhile, Dee shows up back at the apartment with her bird to find that there are cats all over the place and Frank and Charlie have shoved more cats in the wall. She ties a string to the birds leg and puts it in the wall only to get eaten by the cats. Fed up with the whole situation, she bashes a bigger hole in the wall and climbs in to get the cat, only she gets stuck and cannot back out. At this point Frank and Charlie are bored and decide to leave Dee stuck in the wall telling here that she should really get a sidekick to help her get out of situations like that… the end.

So after thinking about it a bit, the episode wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. I thought the cat storyline was funnier than the Mac/Dennis stuff, but none of it was laugh out loud funny like the previous week.

What did you guys think?

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