It’s Always Sunny: Mac and Charlie Write a Movie (12/3/09)

We’re starting to wind down to the end of another amazing season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and what better way to begin to wrap up than to have Charlie write another script, but this time he has Mac’s help so I can only imagine what sort of craziness is going to come from this. After this episode there is only one more, so I hope they go out with a bang, but don’t worry, “Sunny” will be back again next year as it’s already been renewed for at least 2 more seasons if I remember correctly. And as always, I’ll be back Friday with a recap of this episode.

Mac and Charlie Write a Movie

When Dee gets a part in an M. Night Shyamalan film, Mac and Charlie seize a chance to pitch their movie script. But first they have to write it.

The episode opens with Mac and Charlie telling a pretty sweet story about them getting locked in a parking garage stairwell until a security guard came and let them out. Only that’s not how the story was told, it was much worst. Dennis has a new touch screen phone that Frank gets grease on because his fingers are covered in grease from the sausages he has in his pockets. Dee then comes in and informs everyone that she has been cast in an M. Night Shyamalan movie and that’s when Mac and Charlie decide to write a movie. Best part of the conversation is when Charlie starts talking about the twists at the end of all Night’s movies and he thinks the twist of The Sixth Sense is that the dude in the bad hairpiece was Bruce Willis.

Dee then heads to the set and thinks she’s actually staring in the movie, but is pretty disappointed when she finds out she’s just an extra. Cut to Charlie and Mac trying to figure out what kind of movie to make to “get meat in the seats”. They decide that they need to make a movie with an underrated actor that will bring him back into the mainstream, Dolph Lundgren. The idea of a muscular scientist that fights crime with his brain and his brawn comes up, as long as the coat doesn’t cover his body. Charlie comes up with a twist, the scientist runs around on all fours, it’s a science experiment that goes haywire and the guy wakes up “all dog”. The twist will be that dolph lundgrum will the voice of the talking dog. This leads to Dolph Lundgren being able to smell crime before it even happens, then Charlie comes up with the brilliant idea that Dolph Lundgren’s entire head will be a giant nose.

Dennis is now trying to get into the movie industry and shows up on set with Frank as his agent. Frank gets him a part in the movie as an extra and Dee finds out that she’s playing a corpse in the movie. It’s at this point that Mac and Charlie come by the set with their pitch and instead of pitching it to “Slumdog” as they call M. Night, they end up pitching the movie to Dennis and Frank. They start pitching the movie, The Fifth Sense, The Sense of Smell.

Imagine a super smart, ripped scientist [in a mesh tank top] played by Dolph Lundgren, who after a terrible accident in his lab, blows off his nose. After reconstructive surgery he soon realizes that he smells something that stinks… crime.

Mac starts pitching the movie after Charlie botches it, but Dennis has some ideas. He wants to add some full penetration scenes to the movie. Dolph will be smelling out crime, then going back to the lab to perform sexual experiments on his lady lab partner. Crime, penetration, crime, full penetration, crime, penetration, and that will go on for about 90 minutes before the movie just sort of ends. Frank loves it, but Charlie thinks that audiences will be a little uncomfortable with full penetration. So Mac and Charlie take those ideas and set out to type up the script.

They head to the library, but neither of them know how to type so they find an “indian” guy sitting in front of them, who turns out to be Pakistani, to help them out. Flash back to the movie set and we see Dee in her makeup, basically just covered head to toe in fake blood. Dennis walks up and shows his makeup which is just a drip of blood coming out of his ear. They are called to set and are told to lay on the ground as dead bodies, but Dee does not want to lay face down.

Back to the library, Mac and Charlie and the Pakistani kid are going over ideas from the movie and he’s all about the full penetration, but he doesn’t like the title. So they ask the kid to type out the script for them, but he doesn’t write, so they call Dennis in the middle of his scene to tell him their new plan. Instead of writing a movie they are just going to make a poster of what the movie is instead. Dennis gets yelled at for talking on his phone in the middle of the scene and Dee switches over and starts posing during the take. On the next take, we see the view from the movie camera and Dee is staring at the camera yelling “Brains” like a zombie and Dennis’ phone is ringing again, but since the director told Dennis not to answer the phone he just lets it ring. At this point Dee finds out that the shot they are in is just a simple 2nd unit shot so M. Night isn’t even there. Then Frank walks up and takes Dennis’ phone, then has a solution for the director, fire Dennis and Dee and hire him as a body. So Frank is now in the movie.

Mac and Charlie come into the extra’s tent and show off their poster “Crime Stinks: The Smell of Penetration, He Nose the Truth”. It’s at this point that Dee tells them that Night isn’t going to be there and that’s when Dennis informs them that while they thought he was just dicking around on his phone all day he was actually writing a script about two guys that get stuck in a parking garage stairwell with a guy they think is a bum but it turns out he’s the security guard, instead. Cut back to the movie being shot and as it pans past Frank he sits up and eats the sausage out of his pocket.

Pretty good episode, I found it amusing how they referred to M. Night as “Slumdog” for most of the episode and threw out random twists all over the place. And who doesn’t love Dolph Lundgren.