It’s Always Sunny: Mac and Charlie: White Trash (10/14/10)

its always sunny in philadelphia: mac and charlie: white trash

The season started off a little slow, but the last couple episodes have picked it up and this next one sounds like it could put it back over the top.

Mac and Charlie: White Trash

There’s a heat wave in Philly, so Mac and Charlie decide to fix up an abandoned pool after they’re denied admittance to a swim club. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee try to beat the heat in a more “dignified” manner.

A heatwave has struck Philadelphia so what better way to beat the heat than at the private pool club, only problem is Mac and Charlie are not members. Upon attempting to enter the pool they are immediately shot down and forced to chug all their beer and leave the pool. So instead of going to the public pool they decide to rehab an abandon pool, but Frank passes on financing the endeavor. Dennis and Dee are sure they can make it into the private pool club, but of course they are shot down and forced to go to the public pool where they run into Frank who has just traded a bite of a hot dog for use of some fat sweaty dude’s towel.

Back at the abandon pool Mac and Charlie are in the middle of cleaning things up when Charlie needs help pushing the last large piece of trash out of the pool, a mattress. Mac jumps in to the pool and helps Charlie push it out and it’s then when Mac realizes that they are now trapped in the pool because they used the mattress as a ladder. Back at the public pool Frank is greasing up a watermelon to throw in the pool and watch people try to grab it.

The rest of the episode revolves around Mac and Charlie trying to make Dee and Dennis jealous even though they are stuck at the bottom of the pool and Dee and Dennis are trying to make Mac and Charlie jealous even though they are at the public pool. Frank also greases himself up since eat busted open the watermelon to eat. Mac and Charlie devise a plan to get out of the pool by ordering food and then asking the delivery guy to help them out of the pool. Charlie suggests chinese, but Mac shoots it down thinking that the delivery guy is going to be a short chinese guy that won’t be able to help them out, plus it’s low class, so they decide on pizza. When the pizza delivery guy gets there it’s a short chinese guy and of course neither of them has any money so Mac gives him his gold chain, which is obviously fake so the delivery guy just throws the pizza at them. The least the pizza guy can do is throw down the hose so they can climb up, even though he could have just thrown the mattress back down. So Mac goes to climb up the hose and snaps it, thus causing water to start filling up the pool, which then causes an argument about cut off jean shorts, which Charlie also cut the front pockets out of because they hung down lower than the jeans themselves. So when Charlie goes to look for his phone to finally call Dennis for help he realizes he put it in his front pocket and it’s now in the water at the bottom of the pool.

In the end Dennis, Frank and Dee go back to the private pool where Dennis tries to sprint and jump into the pool, but is quickly tackled into a table. Mac and Charlie are now praying to god as well as doing voodoo in order to ward off the spirit of the kid that drowned in the pool when they were younger. While they are doing this Dennis, Frank and Dee show up, get them out of the pool and go bust open a fire hydrant to beat the heat instead.

When I watched it the first time I didn’t find it that amusing, which is surprising, but after watching it again I found it to be pretty funny. Just the banter between the characters was great, I liked the greased watermelon stuff as well as the short shorts and Mac/Charlie’s argument about Mac doing flips and karate. Overall I thought it was a solid episode, not the greatest of all time, but a solid entry into the season.