It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre (10-25-12)

its always sunny in philadelphia the maureen ponderosa wedding massacre

It looks like the season of bringing back old characters/storylines continues as we get to witness Maureen Ponderosa getting married… again. The first marriage didn’t work out so well since Dennis is kind of a dick, and she has a nasty dead tooth that only a mother could love. But apparently someone else loves her disgusting dead tooth, that makes her mouth smell like a rotting sea bass, because the gang ends up crashing her wedding tonight. I predict lots of cake, hopefully a Charlie dance off or two and Mac catching the bouquet. As for the “disturbing discovery” the gang makes, I was hoping maybe Maureen is a dude, which would come back to haunt Dennis, especially since he made fun of Mac all those times for dating a tranny, but it looks like the big surprise is that Maureen is marrying one of the McPoyle brothers, even better; milk for everyone!!

The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre

The gang make a disturbing discovery after crashing Maureen’s wedding.

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If I had to describe this episode in very few words, those words would be, tits, teeth, milk, bath salts and tits. Maureen Ponderosa is getting married to a McPoyle and Dennis needs to assure that the wedding actually happens so that he’s off the hook for the alimony he’s currently paying to Maureen after their failed marriage. Mac and Charlie are there just to lend moral support to Dennis, even though they get weirded out as soon as they walk in the reception hall. Frank wants to make sure that the wedding doesn’t happen, just so Dennis has to pay the alimony for the rest of his life. And Dee is merely there for moral support for Frank.

The episode started off great and only got better. As soon as Frank and Dee arrive and are talking to the other guys, a bat swoops down and bites him in the head; thinking it’s poisonous, he asks someone to suck on his head. When the guys refuse, Dee steps in and starts sucking out the… bat poison? Which later leads the Mac and Charlie thinking Dee has gone crazy due to swallowing the poison. The whole episode is sort of a flashback to what happened at the actual wedding, because in present time the gang is sitting in the police station being questioned by a detective as they can’t find Maureen. So each group of people, Mac and Charlie, Frank and Dee, and Dennis, give their account of what happened that night. Each group remembers things completely different, which is very similar to what they did in the halloween special a few seasons ago. Apparently Maureen’s brother spiked the punch (which is actually milk) at the wedding with bath salts, which then turned all of the disgusting McPoyle’s into “zombies”. This scares the shit out of Mac and Charlie, who end up crashing Dee’s car into a tree; which is the real reason why Dee goes crazy on them, not because she’s infected with bat poison. Frank sneaks Ryan McPoyle into the wedding so that he can talk Liam out of marrying Maureen for the sheer fact that the McPoyle bloodline has never been tainted after 1000 years; meaning they are all completely inbred. And Dennis ends up having sex with the new “enhanced” Maureen Ponderosa. Yeah, she got her dead tooth fixed and now has massive, massive tits. I really hope that actress, Catherine Reitman, really didn’t get tits that big… holy shit were they big.

The episode had kind of an abrupt ending, and I really wanted the story to continue, but overall I thought it was a solid Halloween episode. I’m really liking this season of “Sunny” so far and I hope the guys continue on this route.