It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Gets Analyzed (11-8-12) Recap

its always sunny the gang gets analyzed

Not the strongest episode of It’s Always Sunny this week. Essentially the gang just goes to Dee’s therapist for the entire 22 minutes to try to resolve some of their issues. One by one each of them come in and talk to the shrink to try to get to the bottom of their issues. It was definitely funny in the sense that each of the characters personalities were able to shine through in their discussions with the therapist. Obviously Charlie was the funniest being that he’s been carrying around a dead pigeon in his pocket the entire day, but the other ones were just sort of ‘meh’.

Mac is clearly gay, but won’t admit it. He proceeds to mention how much the pen on the table looks like a dick and then can’t keep it out of his mouth. He also really wants to be fat again. Frank was apparently sent to a “nit-wit school” when he was younger and forced to room with a frog kid, but it wasn’t all bad, he had his first kiss there. But of course it was terrible because the girl had no lips and died 2 days later due to the fact that she thought she was a spaceman with a plastic bag for a  helmet. Dennis starts off trying to be a moderator/assistant because he has a degree in psychology, but the tables end up getting turned when he goes in for his session. Dennis has been keeping dossiers on the entire group since they were really young, so young in fact that the dossiers started off as being written in crayons. And then of course, while the therapist is trying to get to the bottom of Dennis’ problems, he’s constantly writing in his notepad… but he’s not just writing, he’s drawing a picture of him holding her breasts from behind. Dee is a compulsive liar claiming to have been in the running for the lead in “The Notebook”, yet she really believes the lies that she is telling. She really believes that she’s going to be an actress one day, but she clearly never will be.

its always sunny dennis drawing

In the end Charlie ends up feeding everyone dead pigeon, Frank admits that there was another twin when Dennis and Dee were born and that they absorbed it. But really the group is just upset that the original argument about who has to do the dishes never got resolved. After much taunting and chanting she just tells Dee to do the dishes, at which point Dee freaks out and smashes all the dishes.

The episode was alright, but I got a little bored being in the same location the whole time. I guess that’s a little weird to say since most of the first season takes place in Paddy’s, but being inside the therapists office the entire time was a little too static for me. Like I said before though, I did like the fact that everyone’s personalities got to shine through in their own little mini-session with the therapist, and the dialogue was pretty funny at times. This season has been solid so far, so one dud isn’t going to make me change my tune. What did you guys think?

Oh, and have some animated gifs.

mac dick pen animated gif

charlie dead pigeon