“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”: The Gang Broke Dee (recap)

its always sunny in philadelphia the gang broke dee

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Broke Dee Recap

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicked off season 9 last night on a new night and a new channel. The Gang Broke Dee follows the gang as they finally realize that all the years of calling Sweet Dee a giant bird, or a dumb bird, or just any type of bird, has finally taken it’s toll on her. The episode opens with Dee eating an entire cake while swigging liquor at the bar. The guys try to make fun of her, but she just doesn’t care anymore…. she’s finally snapped. Since she no longer cares or fights back, the guys get bored pretty quickly and decide that they need to get her spirits back up so that she’ll fight back again when they make fun of her.

Frank, Charlie and Mac have the idea to get her back into the comedy club doing stand-up. Since she no longer cares what anyone thinks, she won’t dry heave or be nervous on stage and might actually do well. Dennis, on the other hand, thinks that the best thing for Dee is a man… not a good looking man, just a man. So the groups set out on their different paths and try to help bring Dee’s spirit back up, just so they can shut it down again.

The main storyline revolved around the comedy gigs and Mac, Frank and Charlie. They get Dee into a comedy club where she just gets up there and breathes heavily into the microphone for 30 seconds without saying a word. When she finally does say something it garners a huge response and people begin to love her. Mac, Charlie and Frank act extremely surprised by the laughter coming from the audience, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Dennis, on the other hand, is having no luck with finding Dee a guy, as the comedy thing is going so well that she doesn’t even care what Dennis is trying to do, which causes him to get super frustrated.

When things all pan out in the end though, we come to find out that the whole entire comedy thing was a ruse, it was all a ploy by Charlie, Mac and Frank to build up Dee’s spirit just so they could knock her down. Everyone in the comedy club was an actor, paid by Frank to laugh at Dee’s jokes. They even went so far as to rent a private jet to fly around in the air for 6 hours when Dee thought she was going to Conan to perform. The Conan thing was never true and they just ended up back at the bar where everyone was there to laugh at her.

I thought it was a solid first episode, but it didn’t seem that way until the very end. There weren’t that many funny parts throughout the episode as a whole, but the payoff made the whole episode well worth it. I’m excited to see what the gang at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have put together for this season. My only major complaint is this FXX switch. I have no problem with the channel change, it takes 2 seconds to reprogram the DVR, my biggest complaint is that there is no FXX HD channel in my area yet! The city of Chicago has it, but my suburb, which borders Chicago, doesn’t have it yet so I had to watch It’s Always Sunny and The League in SD, which almost killed me… Yes, I’m spoiled. So that’s my only real complaint about this whole thing, I thought “The Gang Broke Dee” was a solid episode and I look forward to seeing more from Paddy’s Pub.