It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Starts Tonight

If you haven’t checked out this show, do not miss the season premiere tonight (season 4). It’s on FX, but if you don’t have FX for some reason, head on over to and watch all 3 seasons for free. Don’t worry hulu is a legit site setup by the networks. Also check out the Blog that the guys from Paddy’s Pub have setup, it’s pretty funny.

Here are the synopsis’ for tonights episodes (yes there are 2 new ones)

Mac & Dennis: Manhunters: In the season 4 premiere, Dee and Charlie inadvertently eat some of Frank’s human meat and develop a taste for it. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis take sport hunting to the next level.

The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis: Mac, Dennis, and Charlie take advantage of high gas prices by investing in barrels of gasoline and selling them door-to-door; Dee and Frank plot to brand Bruce Mathis as a terrorist leader when they find out that he plans to give their money to a Muslim community center.

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