It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 Blu-Ray Review

its always sunny in philadelphia season 7 blu-ray review

If you haven’t already jumped on the “Always Sunny” bandwagon, you’re going to want to go back to the beginning and catch yourself up. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a TV program revolving around a group of friends/family members as they run a bar in south Philadelphia. I know what you’re saying, that sounds boring as hell, but what if I told you they were racist, ignorant, arrogant and stupid… ok, well that would make it sound even worse. I don’t know how else to put it other than, you need to watch this show. “The gang” takes on topics that most sitcoms wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, and for good reason. In season 7 of the show one of the actors even decided to put on a massive amount of weight, just because he thought it was funny and they were then able to cross obesity off of their list of things to make fun of.

It’s Always Sunny takes ridiculous topics and ridiculous people and puts them into situations that no person should ever find themselves in. At the same time it’s a little scary, as there are definitely people in the world that act just like these guys do. Season 7 does drop off a bit in the creativity/comedy part, but with 6 prior seasons of hilarity under their belt, it’s hard to continue to bring the funny on a weekly basis. There were some solid episodes throughout this season though so don’t think that the season as a whole is lackluster, it just doesn’t hold up to some of the previous seasons. But don’t get discouraged, season 8 has started already and the guys have brought the funny once again.

So if you’re looking for a fun comedy about group of friends that don’t know how to run a bar, don’t know how to act in public and have no regard for other people in general, then this is your show. For a while I thought that I could see me and my friends as Dee, Dennis, Mac, Charlie, and to a lesser extent, Frank, but after watching their antics over the years, I would have to take a long hard look in the mirror, and question my choice of friends, if this is how we acted.


The audio and video are exactly what you’d expect from a broadcast comedy series. Everything is just as crisp as when it aired on TV and the dialogue is clear and sounds great. There is no laugh track in this show so there is no reason that anything should overpower the dialogue, which this mix does perfectly. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the presentation of the show.

Special Features

Here’s where I was a little disappointed. Sure, you have a handful of commentary tracks, but lets be honest, not many people listen to the commentary tracks. Not to mention that the commentaries don’t even cover all of the episodes. People want cool behind-the-scenes looks at the actors and episodes, they want deleted scenes and blooper reels. Fortunately there is a gag reel on this disc, unfortunately the only behind-the-scenes look at any of the actors we get is a drunken Artemis wandering through the streets of Philadelphia as she leads us on, quite possibly, the worst guided tour ever; and that’s it. Those are the only special features we get on this set, which is why I was a little disappointed. I know the cast has to be having a blast on set; there’s gotta  be more footage of something laying around that they could have shown us…

So if you’re a fan of It’s Always Sunny don’t buy this for the special features, buy it for the hilarious episodes. While the episodes aren’t nearly as hilarious as previous seasons, they are still enjoyable and will give you a laugh. Like I said, there are definitely some gems in here, but it’s hard to compare them to previous episodes.

its always sunny in philadelphia season 7 blu-ray review