It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Pop-Pop: The Final Solution – S08E01 (10/11/12)

its always sunny in philadelphia pop-pop the final solution s08e01

its always sunny in philadelphia pop-pop the final solution s08e01

The gang is back and it looks like they are going to kill Pop-Pop tonight, but it’s ok, because he was a jew-hating Nazi… But we already knew that, which is why the synopsis for tonight’s episode is a little strange to me. I believe it was season 1 where Charlie dressed up as a Nazi and ate cereal while watching cartoons, was it not? And Mac and Charlie tried to sell all the Nazi memorabilia to a museum? I know they did all of that at one point, so why would the plot synopsis for tonight say that Mac, Charlie and Frank discover that Pop-Pop was a Nazi? I get the fact that Frank wouldn’t have known, since he wasn’t on the show in season 1, but it all seems a bit fishy here. I guess we’ll find out tonight when The gang from Paddy’s Pub makes their triumphant return to television!

Pop-Pop: The Final Solution

In the eighth-season premiere, Dennis and Dee must make a life-or-death decision about their ailing grandfather. Meanwhile, Mac, Charlie and Frank discover that the sick old man used to be a Nazi.

Pop-Pop has fallen into a coma and Dennis and Dee are the only living heirs to his estate, but that also leaves them with a tough decision, whether or not to pull the plug. The gang makes their way over to the hospital to see Pop-Pop in his final state, which is a room filled with old, nasty soup that Frank has been leaving there, and try to decide whether or not to kill him; he was a nazi after all. Before they have a chance to murder him, Frank lets them in on a little secret, Pop-Pop has hidden Nazi treasure somewhere, but he hasn’t been able to figure out where, but Charlie has an idea.

There was a painting of a German Shepard dog in the box of Nazi stuff that Charlie found at Pop-Pop’s house a few years ago. Charlie thought it was nice so he hung it on the wall, but when Frank moved in he hated, so he threw it away. Once in the dumpster, Cricket decided he liked the painting and took it for himself. But with no home to hang it in, he just ended up selling it to some dentist for $3. Eventually Mac and Charlie track down the dentist and get the painting back, but not before Charlie finds solace in huffing nitrous. Frank and Mac go back to the bar with what they think is the correct painting only to discover Charlie, cracked out on nitrous, holding the real painting, which he painted. The “original Hitler” painting that they were all so desperate to find was actually an original Charlie worth absolutely nothing, but it was evil. So evil, in fact, that Charlie claims it needed to be burned. Him and Mac head out to the alley behind the bar and begin to burn the painting at which point Mac exclaims that he can’t believe there was no painting… but there actually was. Charlie took the old painting out of the Nazi box and painted over it, god knows why, so it turns out that there was an original Hitler painting underneath the Orignal Charlie the whole time.

Dennis and Dee’s side storyline wasn’t very interesting to me. Basically they had to decide, with the lawyer, whether or not to pull the plug on Pop-Pop. Pretty quickly they decided they weren’t sure if they could watch someone die. So what do they do, they head down to the local kill-shelter, where Cricket now works, and ask if they can watch him put down a dog. But after seeing all of the dogs faces, they decide that there’s no way they can do it and instead they rescue a bunch of dogs and set them free… along with Cricket. Once they decide that, they meet Frank over at Pop-Pop’s house to go through some of his old stuff and see what they are going to be inheriting, at which point they find some old video reels. The videos show Pop-Pop taking Dennis and Dee to summer camp which they vaguely remember. The summer camp ends up being some sort of neo nazi for kids group, which, upon seeing, makes up their mind. Pop-Pop is gonna fry, but when they pull the plug and shut off his breathing machine, he immediately starts to breath on his own.

I thought it was a solid season opener. I liked the fact that it was written by Rob, Charlie and Glenn, that’s always refreshing, and I liked the fact that it was a call back to a previous episode, one of my favorite episodes from the old days actually. The dynamic between Mac, Charlie and Frank was much more enjoyable than Dennis and Dee, but that’s usually how it is. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing what kind of ridiculous situations the gang gets them selves in this time. And hopefully the duster will continue to show up in episodes.