It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Gun Fever Too: Still Hot (recap)

its always sunny in philadelphia gun fever too still hot recap

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Gun Fever Too: Still Hot (recap)

Falling back on past storylines again, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has decided it was time to revisit the gun control debate, but this time with more guns… and a sword.

We open with Frank on the news talking about how he recently got jumped, and with no way of knowing if they just wanted to rob him or rape him, he was only saved by the fact that he had his two guns on him. He was glad he hadn’t put off to purchase AK47 rifles the last week. The news story started spreading and soon Frank was the cause of a sudden rush in sales at Gunther’s Gun Shop. Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie think that there should be more guns on the streets and in schools in order for people to protect themselves against bad people who already have guns. On the other hand, Dennis and Dee feel that it’s way too easy to get guns these days and they should be trying to get guns off the street. Because of this disagreement, the two groups set off to prove their own points…but obviously things don’t go as planned.

Mac and Charlie decide that the best way to prove that there should be more guns in the hands of the people is to go to a middle school and protect the students using a gun and a sword. The gun vs. sword debate was actually pretty amusing as Mac was 100% convinced that he would be faster at swinging a sword than Charlie would be at shooting him. The principal of the middle school turned out to be the same principal that was fired from the high school that Charlie was a janitor at and Dee became the drama teacher. He obviously does not like Mac and Charlie’s idea, so he banishes them from the school, but that doesn’t stop them from hanging just outside the fences and intimidating suspicious students as they walk to school.

At the same time Dennis and Dee set out to prove how easy it is to purchase a gun, but run into a bit of a snag when Gunther does a background check on them and finds out that Dennis as a few previous felonious offenses, and Dee was institutionalized after setting her college roommate on fire. With no luck getting a gun legally, they try to buy one from a gun show, but when they try to rob the vendor… at the gun show… the hundreds of other people there pull their guns on them and they are forced to find a gun on the street. Since they clearly only know one shady character in Philadelphia, their crack dealer, they give him a call and set up a meeting. Dennis is specifically looking for a people killer… an assault rifle, for $1500, the price Gunther was charging, but when he gives the dealer the money and refuses to roll down the window, instead asking him to just throw it in the trunk, the dealer just walks away with the gun and the money. Dee wants Dennis to chase after him, but he’s right in saying that the man is carrying an assault rifle and it would pretty unwise to try and take it from him.

Frank ends up back on the news, this time with his lawyer, Charlie’s creepy, hand-obsessed uncle, spreading more rumors about the gun violence in the city. But it turns out this is all part of a plan Frank has to make money. He bought a stake in Gunther’s Guns, so by scaring the people of the city in to buying more guns, he’s making money. In the end though he gives up on that plan and instead buys a ton of water filters, goes back on the news, and tells everyone that their drinking water is full of toxins and they need to buy his water filter.

I thought it was a solid episode, not nearly as funny as the original “Gun Fever” episode from season 1, but still solid. Charlie and Mac’s storyline had me in tears, while Dennis and Dee was funny, but not nearly as funny. Frank’s side of it was a little boring, but I loved the fact that Charlie’s uncle is still obsessed with the size of his hands… great call back.

What did you think of this episode? How is the season shaping up for you after 2 episodes? Where the hell is my FXXHD?!?!