It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer (11-15-12)

its always sunny charlies mom has cancer

Charlie’s mom is diagnosed with lung cancer, Dennis doesn’t have feelings and Mac has sailor’s rot, so how do you cure all of these things? You visit Dr. Jinx, a doctor located in a garage surrounded by house plants… also he’s P Diddy and he’s obsessed with New Kids on the Block’s “The Right Stuff”.

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I don’t really care that this season has been rehashed story lines and ideas, it’s genius, and the show is actually really funny again. Charlie’s mom has cancer and needs $4,200 to pay Dr. Jinx to cure her. Dr. Jinx turns out to be a scam artist, so the guys resort to Mac’s idea… prayer. They head to church to pray, which gives Dennis an idea. After realizing that the church is a scam he decides that they need to run their own scam in order to get the money for Charlie’s mom, so they decide to hold a “Beef & Beer” fundraiser at the bar.

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Meanwhile Frank is losing it, along with his shoes, and Dee takes advantage of him in order to pay her psychic. Her psychic actually tells her that she will come into a large windfall soon, but can’t tell her exactly how or when. But when he begins to tell her things that are seemingly real in her life, she begins to believe him even more. He then convinces her that her dead mother is still alive and has buried all their money somewhere, so with the help of Frank, they start to look. They dig up the dogs grave at the old house to find, a dead dog, and a wad of cash. Convinced that her mother is definitely alive now, Dee and Frank decide they need to dig up her grave because that’s the most likely place she would have buried the money…

Back at the bar, the guys are throwing their “Beef & Beer & Jesus” fund raiser to raise money for Charlie’s mom to pay Dr. Jinx to cure her cancer. They come up with a way to scam all of the people there by putting a bald cap and sores on Charlie’s mom and making her read a ridiculous speech. Things go wrong when Charlie’s mom comes out and tells everyone that she doesn’t have cancer. If you’ve been watching the show for a while now you saw this coming a mile away. Charlie did the same thing in season 1 in order to try and score a date with the waitress. This time, however, Charlie’s mom isn’t trying to score a date, but rather $4,200 to replace the Virgin Mary statue that her and Mac’s mom hit with their car.

Clearly needing money the guys decide to join Dee and Frank in their quest to dig up their mothers grave to get at her riches, but open opening the casket all they find is their mother’s dead body and an ecstatic Frank. Frank had “grifted” them all by paying off the psychic to tell Dee all those things, he even planted the money in the dogs grave, all because the gang kept saying he was losing his mind. At which point he looks down and realizes that he’s lost another pair of shoes.

I thought the episode was pretty solid. The rehashing of past story line’s is fine with me because they’ve been doing it in very creative ways that still keeps them fresh enough to not seem rehashed, if that makes sense. I actually though P. Diddy did a really good acting job, meaning that he didn’t suck. He’s obviously not an oscar worthy actor, but he fit right in and his character was perfect. The look he was giving Dennis while playing New Kids on the Block on the bass was hysterical. It was nice to get a quick little update on the Juarez family from seasons past. They were the family that the gang tried to remodel their house and just ended up setting it on fire and had to give them the party mansion. It would appear that property taxes were too much for them to handle so they were forced to move out, now he’s just the landscaper. It was a nice little throwback. I actually wouldn’t be too upset if this was the last season of the show. Not saying that I hope it is, because I really hope it’s not, I’m just saying that the way that this season is tying things together from previous seasons and bringing things full circle is a very cool way to wrap things up. But obviously I want to see the gang on my TV every Thursday night for years to come.

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So what did you guys think of this episode? Are you feeling the rehashed story lines or are you annoying/bored with them?