This is probably the first episode this season that I really didn’t care for… in it’s entirety. There were a few moments, like when English-Accent Dennis forces normal Dennis’ head down while he’s in the sensory depravation tank and when Charlie and Mac are having their conversation about Mac liking dudes and/or chicks, but the majority of the episode wasn’t that great.

Basically, Dee gets addicted to an online video game where she rules over character versions of Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Frank to make herself feel better. She asks Charlie to tend to her tribe for a few minutes while she runs some errands and Charlie realizes that he’s much better at the game than she is. It escalates from there as Mac and Frank get in on the game as well; Dennis has his own idea of fun which is getting drunk and dancing at bars that nobody else is dancing at.

Like I said, there were a few minor moments that were kind of funny, but in the overall aspect of the season, this episode was one of the worst. I’m not even going to run down exactly what happened in the episode like I have in the past, because really, not much did happen. Am I the only one that wasn’t a fan of this episode? Did I miss something that was truly hysterical?

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  • HAL

    I loved this episode! The whole thing with Charlie freaking
    out on Dee and English Dennis was priceless. Have you seen the finale yet? It
    was easily the best episode of the season, if not the best of the last three
    years combined, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. A friend of mine that
    works with me here at DISH hadn’t seen the show, so I lent him the first seven
    season on DVD. He just finished Season 1 and loves it. We’ve already made plans
    for season eight, so he doesn’t have to wait until it’s out on DVD to see it. My
    DISH Hopper can record and store up to 2000 hours of entertainment, so I was
    able to DVR and save all of season eight without having to worry about running
    out of space for the rest of the shows I record. When he’s done with the DVDs,
    he’s going to come over for an all-day Sunny Bender!