It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Charlie and Dee Find Love Recap (11-1-12)

charlie and dee find love recap 11-1-12

Another solid episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” this week. Charlie and Dee find love in similar, but different places, which leads to Dennis, Mac and Frank getting jealous and causing havoc on the whole situation. The waitress makes another appearance, and looked extremely good this week, so that was nice to see. And Charlie eats a shit load of cheese and Dee does a weird dance that would not turn anyone on… ever. Oh, did I also mention that Mac got oiled up and wrestled another oiled up dude? Yeah, cause that happened…

When Charlie gets yelled at by the waitress for following her around and “protecting” her from things in her everyday life, he promises her that he’ll never be there for her again, and as sad as he is, he truly means it. Dee on the other hand wants to continue to follow her, but upon trying to make a U-turn out of her parking spot on the street, slams into another car. This car contains two members of the esteemed Taft family, who are well known in Philadelphia, and very wealthy. Charlie immediately takes interest in the girl and Dee the guy, which leads to a double date. At the start of the date Charlie and Dee are trying to act sophisticated to impress their new found love interests, but things take a turn when the cheese plate is rolled next to Charlie and he can’t contain himself. Not having any self control, Charlie immediately buries his face into the cheese, eating as much as possible. At this point the Taft siblings make it known that the reason they like Charlie and Dee is because they are “normal”, and not like their other friends. This leads to a more relaxed date and shots all around; Dee and Charlie may have finally found people that actually like them.

The gang then gets invited over to the Taft estate for some tennis and naturally Dennis doesn’t think there’s any way that Ruby Taft can resist his body, so he pops his shirt off only to get laughed at as she walks away with Charlie. It’s at this point that Dennis figures out the scheme, the Tafts are only hanging out with Charlie and Dee so that they can make fun of them in front of their friends at some big party later in the week. Dennis isn’t having any of this and makes it his goal to make sure Charlie doesn’t get hurt (he doesn’t give a shit about Dee).

In the meantime, Dennis tells Frank that he has to go and do all of the things for the waitress that Charlie used to do, because now that Charlie isn’t around her bike got stolen and weird things have been happening (mainly due the fact that Frank can’t read Charlie’s list). At this point Charlie’s relationship is going well and he feels it’s time to tell his girlfriend about the waitress, but when they run into her outside her apartment Charlie realizes that he really likes the Ruby Taft and gives her a big kiss as they walk away from a distraught waitress. Meanwhile back at either Dee or Mac’s apartment, I couldn’t really tell, Dee and Mac are both trying to impress the male Taft with weird karate moves, which Mr. Taft is recording on his phone, clearly to show his friends later, but Mac doesn’t care. He’s just happy that someone is taking interest in his sweet karate moves. He even convinces Mr. Taft to take his shirt off and oil up for some wrestling, which really just looks like anal sex.

Everything comes to a head at the big announcement party for Taftco industries going public. Dennis interrupts the announcement to call out the Taft siblings for the cruel joke they are playing on Dee and Charlie. He has a recording of Mr. Taft telling Mac all about the fact that the company is going public, before the announcement was made, thus bringing about a lawsuit about insider trading. The tape also showed Mac and Mr. Taft wrestling with their shirts up and covered in oil… definitely did not look like wrestling. Then, as Dennis is trying to save Charlie from the Ruby, she expresses that she actually does like Charlie and was not playing him like her brother was. Charlie then comes out and says that he knew that, but in fact he was the one playing her in order to get back with the waitress, which kind of worked. The waitress agreed to lower the restraining order from 100 feet to 50 feet and allow Charlie to continue to follow her and do all the weird things he was doing for her.

It was a solid episode. The best parts were Charlie and the cheese cart and Mac/Tate wrestling on video… hysterical. “Sunny” has been very solid this season, it’s nice to see the show coming back around. It’s got to be hard to come up with consistently funny episodes after 8 seasons, so I hope it continues.

Here’s some animated gifs from the episode. So good.

charlie eating cheese animated gifmac oil wrestling animated gifmac oil wrestling animated gif