It’s Always Sunny: How Mac Got Fat (11/17/11)

its always sunny in philadelphia how mac got fat

its always sunny in philadelphia how mac got fat

We’re finally going to find out the reason behind why Mac gained so much wait… or so they tell us. ‘Sunny’ is the type of show where they will tell you they are going to reveal something, but then go way off on a tangent for the entire episode and never get to the point. I guess we’ll have to see whether or not they actually tell us why Mac got fat, or if Mac is even telling the truth about how he got fat.

How Mac Got Fat

Mac claims that his gang mates made him fat. (Or so he says to a priest who’s hearing his confession)

I generally like Mac so I was all around content with the episode we got this week. Basically Mac goes to church to confess that he’s fat at which point he goes on to tell an extremely long drawn out story about why his friends are the reason he’s fat. The gist of it is that one night the bar is super crowded and nobody can figure out why. They all chalk it up to the fact that they’ve “tipped”. Basically they assume because they’ve been unsuccessful for so long that they had reached the pinnacle of failure and have now tipped into success. It’s this “success” that gets to everyones head and eventually leads to Mac getting fat.

Out of everyone, Charlie and Frank are the least influenced by their new found “success” and pretty much stay the same. Dee, Dennis and Mac on the other hand start losing it. Dennis thinks that he’s going gray so he dyes his hair jet black and starts pretending he’s superman or something. He later gets a chemical peel which leaves his face a blistery mess. Dee thinks that her success has come from her perseverance in the comedy world so she tries to tell jokes to every patron of the bar that will listen… and most of them will not listen. At some point Mac and Dee decide that they need body doubles, or Avatars as Mac refers to them as, to run the bar for them while they work on being successful. During the interview process for these Avatars, Mac brings in an extremely muscular guy who he thinks looks just like him, but clearly doesn’t. Dee informs him that there’s no way that Mac looks anything like this guy which puts it into Mac’s head that he needs to put on mass, thus the weight gain. However, it takes Mac 6 weeks to gain all the weight, at which point the bar has gone to shit and the rest of the gang has given up on the idea of “Avatars”, which just leaves Mac to be fat.

My favorite part of this episode is when Charlie and Dennis get fed up with running the bar and go into the back office to sniff paint thinner. Charlie’s dance and the look on Dennis’ face are priceless. This was a quality episode in an otherwise lackluster season so far. What did you guys think?