It’s Always Sunny: Frank’s Pretty Woman (9/15/11)

its always sunny in philadelphia franks pretty woman

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back! Season 7 starts tonight and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I was a little disappointed with season 6, but I have no doubt that season 7 is going to be great just for the fact that Rob McElhenney (Mac) put on 50 lbs just because he thought it was funnier to be fat. Yup, that’s not a fat suit he’s wearing, he literally gained all that weight and then they wrote it into the season. So make sure your DVR is set for tonight and come back tomorrow for a recap of the episode.

Frank’s Pretty Woman: Season 7 premiere: Frank wants to marry a prostitute and the gang can’t talk him out of it. While Dee sets out to burnish the hooker’s heart of gold, Charlie takes a different tack: He tries to set Frank up with another woman. Meanwhile, Mac has put on a lot of weight. “I’m cultivating mass,” he tells Dennis.

Solid, solid premiere last night, I loved every minute of it. I’m not going to do a full recap because I think you need to see it and those that did see it don’t need me telling you about it, but overweight Mac was pretty funny. The scene where they are in the doctors office and he’s trying to say diabetes like Wilford Brimley on those commercials was hysterical. Dennis and Mac sitting around eating chimichangas out of a garbage bag while Mac injects himself with insulin as Dennis realizes he’s craving crack was classic. I thought it would be hard to top some of the early scenes in the episode, but when Charlie hatches the plan to pretend he’s rich and take out a nice lady on a date only to pretend to be sick and leave her with Frank, the limo driver, was the dumbest idea ever… in a great way. Top that off with the fact that Charlie thought it would be a good idea to swallow a bunch of blood capsules so he could realistically cough blood into his hands, but which really lead to him just puking blood everywhere, was hands down one of my favorite moments in “sunny” history.

Great episodes with some extremely funny moments, can’t wait for the rest of the season. Enjoy the animated gif of Charlie puking blood below.

“Umm dude, so… apparently Charlie just puked blood all over a lady in a limousine, and Dee is sucking off Don Cheadle or something?”

charlie blood puke