It’s Always Sunny: Frank’s Brother (10/13/11)

its always sunny in philadelphia franks brother

Who knew that Frank had a brother or that he had an affinity for black women named Shady Nasty or rather Sha Dynasty. It looks like we’re going back to the 70’s tonight as Frank and his brother relive their past.

Frank’s Brother

Frank’s long-lost brother shows up unexpectedly and spills family secrets.

hmmm, I had high hopes for this episode, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Frank’s long lost brother shows up and the two start getting into it over some girl named Sha Dynasty from their days of owning a jazz club in the 60’s/70’s. Broyles from Fringe makes an appearance as the guy that Frank always ends up getting thrown in jail, so that was kind of fun, but the episode itself was just kinda ‘meh’. I think the funniest parts of the episode were when Frank and his brother are using semi-racists terms (aka negris) and don’t realize that they are wrong. Other than that it wasn’t really that funny to me. The “Shady Nasty” sign made me chuckle a bit, but it was in the trailer so I knew it was coming. Even Frank in that stupid wig wasn’t that funny to me even though in past episodes it was hysterical.

So I don’t know, am I the only one who’s not really feeling this season? I absolutely loved the first episode and it had me excited that this season was going to be better than the last, but as the weeks go on I continue to be disappointed. On top of it, The League is still going strong and still hysterical week to week, granted they are only in their 3rd season so it’s a little different, but I still find myself pushing through “sunny” just to get to The League.