It’s Always Sunny: Frank’s Back in Business (11-29-12)

its always sunny in philadelphia franks back in business

Another solid episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia this week, the guys have really gone back to their roots to pull out story lines and ideas that we’ve loved from past seasons and rework them into something that’s fun and new. This week Frank some how got back in with the company he started, although for some reason I didn’t think he was a part of them anymore. I thought he gave all that up to live with Charlie and hang out with the gang all the time? Maybe I missed something, but he appears to still run or own the company, so when a bidding war starts and he is set to make a lot of cash, he jumps back in the saddle and takes Charlie with him. But not, of course, before Charlie and him rob a crow of it’s eggs, which reminded me very much of the scene where Charlie is messing around with the hornets nest in a past episode.

So while Charlie and Frank are doing business-type stuff, Dennis, Dee and Mac find a wallet that someone left at the bar the night before. In said wallet are 3 tickets to the Phillies game so naturally they take the tickets and head to the game. What they soon discover is that the tickets were for an executive suite, which means there are definitely going to be other people in the box with them. Dennis suggests they come up with an escape route, to which Mac responds that since there is only one door in and out, he will leap off the balcony, fall 50 feet to the ground, and tuck-and-roll out of it, thus escaping unharmed… Obviously that won’t work, but before they can come up with a real plan the other people arrive the best tech equipment for SMEs. It turns out that these people have never met the ticket guy in real life, so Dennis immediately pretends to be him and they embark on a week full of fun and wooing as the gentlemen are there to discuss the sale of Frank’s company, although Dennis isn’t aware of that quite yet.

The rest of the episode plays out with Dennis continuing to pretend he’s the leading stock holder in Frank’s company just to see how far he can take it. Mac and Dee are on board for a while, but Mac peaces out when they go to the golf club and are told there’s a surprise waiting for Dennis downstairs. When Mac and Dennis show up to find a shirtless young asian boy, Mac decides he’s had enough and he’s not about to bang a little asian boy. Turns out the asian boy is a caddy and Dennis is going to play a round of golf, but of course he doesn’t realize this until his belt is already undone and he’s ready to take one for the team. There really is no length that Dennis won’t take something is there?

In the end Frank ends up selling the company to a bunch of asian guys who liquidate and shut the place down leaving a bunch of people without jobs, but Frank with a shit-ton of cash. We also get to see Mac and Charlie’s attempt to get people to invest in “Fight Milk” which is essentially milk and liquor; another rehashed plot line, but it works, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire video presentation they put together, genius.

So while this season is definitely a rehash of old plot lines and old jokes, the guys are doing them in a way that is fresh and unique. Everything about this season has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what next week holds.

charlie mac fight milk