It’s Always Sunny: Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties (9/29/11)

“It’s Always Sunny” is taking on child beauty pageants this week! When I heard that the this was going to be the plot of an episode this season I was excited. Not because I enjoy child beauty pageants, but because these things are so vile that I knew only the gang from sunny could properly depict them. I don’t understand how some of these mothers think that it’s ok to dress their daughters up like whores from the movie “Pretty Woman” and parade them on stage for prizes (yes that actually happened). It’s disgusting and I can’t wait to see how the gang tackles this one.

Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties

Frank finds himself in the child beauty-pageant business and fears that people might think he’s in it for the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Dee wages war on stage moms; and Mac, Dennis and Charlie think they have found a contestant to back.