It’s Always Sunny: Flowers for Charlie Recap

its always sunny flowers for charlie recap

FXX definitely planned this weeks episodes of both “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The League” to coincide with one another. Both episodes revolved around the shows dumbest characters becoming smart after a strange turn of events… or in “Sunny’s” case, thinking they are becoming smarter. We’ll get into The League in another post, but for now lets focus on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Flowers for Charlie

If you weren’t aware, 2 of the writers on “Game of Thrones”, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, actually wrote this episode. Charlie gets selected to be part of a scientific study where he’s given a pill that is supposed to make him smarter. He learns mandarin, discovers he has two ears, starts reading… it’s obvious the pill is working… or so we think. In the end we find out that the pill Charlie has been taking is actually a placebo. Instead of speaking Mandarin he’s just speaking gibberish, all of the ailments and side-effects he thinks he’s experiencing are made up, and his amazing invention that somehow allows spiders to talk to cats, is all his own.

At the same time Charlie thinks he’s getting smarter, Mac, Dennis and Dee are perplexed on how to catch a giant rat that’s been running around the bar. When Dee stick her hand in a hole in the wall to try and set another trap, she ends up getting stuck there for hours while the three of them try to figure out a way to get her unstuck. Gasoline seemed like a good way to get her hand unstuck from the sticky rat trap she was stuck too, but once they start huffing the gas they forget all about the task at hand. It isn’t until Frank comes in and tells Dee to let go of the trap itself, that she’s able to free her hand from the hole.

I thought this episode was pretty good. The whole idea that Charlie only thought he was getting smarter was genius, and the fact that the rest of the group was exponentially dumber without Charlie around was a perfect balance. The group needs Charlie to make themselves smarter. I thought “Sunny” was much better than “The League”, again, this week. I’m not sure what’s happening over at “The League”, but I think they are getting the “later-season-syndrom”, as I like to call it. It happened to It’s Always Sunny in the middle seasons as well, I just hope “The League” can snap out of it.