Last week on It’s Always Sunny Dennis ends up getting married to Maureen Ponderosa, but started to realize he made a mistake when she wants to hang out and watch movies and eat fish sticks, plus her breath is horrid. So naturally this week Dennis wants to get a divorce…

Dennis Gets Divorced

Dennis’ marriage to Maureen Ponderosa hits a snag, as does Charlie’s marriage to Frank. And Dee, it seems, has come between Bill Ponderosa and his wife.


I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with this weeks episode. It starts off with Dennis trying to sneak out of his apartment without waking his new wife, Maureen Ponderosa (played by Catherine Reitman), but he gets caught. She questions why he keeps leaving cab fare on the nightstand for her when they are married and she now lives there, to which he responds by pretending to choke her as he leaves for work. Once at the bar he finds Mac rinsing himself off in the sink because he no longer has a place to stay, while Charlie and Frank are arguing about their marriage. Dee then bursts in bragging about how Bill Ponderosa bought her a car and is obsessed with her, and of course nobody cares.

So eventually Frank and Charlie want to get divorced as does Dennis from Maureen. Seeing as how the normal lawyer has a restraining order against all of them they have no choice but to use Charlie’s creepy uncle. So Frank and Charlie get their marriage annulled while Dee unknowingly helps Bill kidnap his kids after he’s kicked out of the house. Eventually Bill’s other mistress comes to the bar to reclaim her car, while Bill’s wife comes by the bar to get the kids and pay the hookers for Bill, even though Dee isn’t a hooker.

And as far as Dennis and Maureen go, she ends up hiring the normal lawyer because Mac got drunk and called him for some reason. So the group all meet up to discuss the terms of the divorce and in order for Dennis to keep his apartment he has to take on all of Maureen’s debt as well as pay her alimony since he didn’t have her sign a prenuptial agreement. And of course her debt is around $90,000. And in the end they all decide that marriage blows…

I found last weeks episode to be a lot funnier than this week although there were some good moments. There’s always an episode or 2 that aren’t as good as the rest of the season so hopefully they got that one out of the way now and things will pick up next week.

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