It’s Always Sunny: Dee Gives Birth (12/9/10)

its always sunny dee gives birth

We’re finally going to figure out who the father of Dee’s child is… maybe. I have a feeling that they’ll drag this out and give us some vague answer kind of like South Park did when revealing who Cartman’s father is. The preview for tonight’s episode looks promising so let’s hope they didn’t give away all the funny lines early. I’m going to guess that the baby comes out African American and it turns out to be the gay party promoter from her acting class, from the first season… who do you guys think is the father of Dee’s baby? Or maybe it’s Chase Utley…

Dee Gives Birth

Dee’s blessed event is fast approaching, but the father’s identity remains a mystery—to the gang, at least. So they throw a party and invite all of Dee’s former flings.

The episode was actually pretty funny, thankfully. Dee goes into labor so the guys set off to figure out who the father is by rounding up all of the guys that Dee has slept with. Charlie thinks that the sperm swims up and eats the egg and grows big and strong… and we also find out that Frank and Charlie like to root around in the sewers naked looking for rings and coins.

Mac, Frank and Charlie set off to figure out who the father is while Dennis stays back and tries to keep Dee from standing on rolling chairs and flying out windows. Dee is restless and refuses to stay in her hotel room so while she’s out getting a soda and a sandwich from Subway, the hospital puts an old man in the bed next to her in her room. They immediately think he’s dead and throw him a wheelchair and sunglasses as they try to do something with the body. Dennis even goes as far as to tie a string to the man’s wrist as well as his own, so when he waves, the old man waves…. Thing is, the guy isn’t dead and he’s very upset that Dennis and Dee want to throw him in the trash.

Meanwhile back at the apartment, Mac, Frank and Charlie have a party for all of Dee’s old flings. Everyone from Lil Kev, Rex the model, Duncan from under the bridge, Cricket, the korean bus boy, Dennis’ ex-wife’s brother, Commando Jorts… pretty much anyone that Dee’s had direct contact with.

Back at the hospital Dee goes into labor and the party moves from the apartment to the waiting room since they can’t determine who the father is. When Dee is wheeled into the waiting room with the baby we discover that Dee was actually a surrogate for Carmen the tranny and her husband. It’s actually Carmen’s sperm and a donor egg because her/his husband can’t have kids…

I thought it was a pretty good episode and I liked how it ended. I’m glad they actually revealed who the father was instead of leaving us hanging and most of the episode was pretty funny. I’d say it was one of the top episodes of the season. And since next week is just “A Very Sunny Christmas” which has been out on DVD for a year… I’ll start posting about the show again once information gets released about next season.

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