io9 Has Seen The Walking Dead!

the walking dead review

The lucky bastards over at have already had a chance to check out the first 2 episodes and if you were worried about them skimping on the blood and violence, you can rest easy. Merideth has done a great job with the review so I don’t want to paraphrase it so head over to and check it out. Don’t worry it’s a spoiler free review.

The Walking Dead hits the ground running, as far as violence goes. I’m not actually sure how they got away with as much as they did, but it’s glorious to behold. Not to mention, the violence is highly entertaining. If the sound and sight of one pissed-off police officer taking his axe to the skull of a wandering undead citizen doesn’t get you excited, then… this may not be the series for you. Because even though Walking Dead is layered with rich character drama, it still knows how to kick ass.

The Walking Dead starts on Halloween night on AMC.