How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Seventh Season DVD Review

how i met your mother season 7 dvd review

It’s been 7 years now and Ted Mosby is still no closer to getting to the point of his story. Clearly he’s just trying to torture his kids by telling them all these weird stories that have nothing to do with how he met their mother; some of which are stories that no parent would ever tell their children. I don’t know if Ted realizes this, but he’s basically telling his kids that he’s slept with their aunt… multiples times, and enjoyed it. It just seems like an extremely awkward conversation to be having with your children, when it clearly has nothing to do with the end-goal of the story; which is how he and their mother met.

If you’ve never watched “How I Met Your Mother”, it’s the story of one man’s terrible attempt at explaining to his kids, how he met their mother. But instead of just saying, “Oh, we met on a rainy day outside your uncle Barney’s wedding, she was carrying a yellow umbrella and we just hit it off”, he goes into gross details about his sex life with other women and convoluted stories that have nothing to do with their mother. Obviously that wouldn’t make for a good TV show, so they have to throw in some extraneous information and stories, but at least make them believable stories that you would tell your kids… or even stories your kids would want to listen to.

If that’s not weird enough, the structure of the show is a bit weird as well. The entire show is a flashback since future Ted is telling these stories to his kids, but within those flashbacks are even more flashbacks to the characters remembering a time when something happened. So not only is future Ted telling a story to his kids that took place in the past, but past Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robyn are also referencing things that happened in the past to them… But as weird as it sounds when trying to explain it, it actually works for the show, or at least had worked.

As with any show, after 7 seasons you start to run out of things to talk about, and stories to tell, at which point things should just wrap up and be done with. I’ve enjoyed the show ever since it first came on the air, but it’s definitely run its course. It’s time to finally meet the mother and finally let Ted be happy for once in his life. We’ve seen him go from girlfriend to girlfriend and job to job for the past 7 years, let him settle down and let us move on with our lives.

Season 7 does have some memorable episodes, but if you haven’t watched the show since it’s inception, make sure to go back and watch from the beginning. Not only are the earlier seasons more creative and funny, but you’ll be totally lost jumping into it now. Although, FOX did send me a pretty sweet duck tie, which I’m not sure is part of the retail DVD set or not, but it’s well worth the price of the DVD if it is. I’m going to be wearing it this weekend.


The DVD is presented in widescreen standard definition, but still looks pretty good. It’s obviously not blu-ray, but for a broadcast sitcom, DVD does the job. The audio is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital and does a great job of presenting the dialogue in a way that is clear and understandable.

Special Features

There are commentary tracks on 3 of the episodes, which was kind of disappointing, and then a handful of deleted scenes that don’t really add to much to anything. Again, I really wish they would just cram all the special features onto one disc instead of splitting them up amongst all 3.

There are also a handful of fun featurettes on the disc including: “Neil Patrick Harris Gets His Star” which is exactly what it sounds like… NPH receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “Guest Star Powers” takes a quick look at some of the guest stars in this season. “How We Wrote Your Mother“, again, is exactly what it sounds like. The writers of the show go into detail about how they write each episode and where/how they get their inspiration. “How We Make Your Mother” is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the season finale and then finally a gag reel.

If you’ve seen all the episodes and don’t think you’ll watch them over and over again, I would skip the later seasons of HIMYM. It’s a great show, but it’s kind of worn out it’s welcome. The special features are nice, but not enough to warrant buying this set just for them.

how i met your mother season 7 dvd review