How I Met Your Mother – Farhampton (9/24/12)

how i met your mother farhampton recap

how i met your mother farhampton recap

“How I Met Your Mother” started its 8th, and possibly final, season last night with a bit of a wimper. The synopsis for the episode pretty much gives you the rundown of exactly what happened, honestly though, none of it was very exciting.

The sitcom rings in Season 8 with wedding bells for the impending nuptials of Barney and Robin, but concerns that one or both of them will get cold feet cloud the happy time. Meanwhile, all the matrimonial jitters trigger Ted’s memories of Victoria’s wedding day and how he insisted that she leave her fiancé a note after deciding to leave him at the alter.

The season picks up right where the last one left off, Barney is getting married to Robin and Victoria has ditched out on her wedding to run away with Ted. Of course, in true “How I Met Your Mother” fashion, the story jumps back and forth in time, so the fact that we pick up at that same moment in time doesn’t really mean anything. The main ideas still all stem from Barney and Robin’s wedding, but when Robin tells ted she can’t go through with the wedding and wants to just climb out the window, we jump back in time to Ted and Victoria running away from Victoria’s wedding, which just so happened to be at the same place as Barney and Robin’s. Ted recalls when he had to convince Victoria to leave a note for her not-so-soon-to-be husband explaining to him why she left. When the chick from “Scrubs” left Ted at the alter, she left him a note and it was the only thing that helped bring him closure. This in turn leads to some wacky antics as Ted tries to sneak back into Victoria’s room to leave the note. In the end, Victoria’s not-so-soon-to-be husband couldn’t go through with it either and ran into Ted as he was trying to sneak out the window. But of course, we all know that Ted and Victoria don’t end up together because at the end/beginning of the episode, Ted is sitting alone at the Farhampton train station in the rain only to see the woman with the yellow umbrella walk up and stand about 5 feet away from him… I still think there’s going to be some big twist and it’s going to be Robin. I don’t see how they can just randomly bring in a character at the end and expect us to like her… but I guess we’ll see.

Barney and Robin’s flashback took us back to right after Barney and Quinn had gotten engaged and Marshall and Lily just had their baby. The whole point of that flashback was just to show how Quinn and Barney start to fall apart, hint: it’s because of Robin. Quinn asks Robin to be a bridesmaid in the wedding having no idea that Barney and Robin seriously dated, but when Marshall and Lily blurt out the secret in their exhausted-from-baby phase, Quinn gets upset and leaves. We also get a glimpse into the fact that despite what Barney says, he still has gotten over Robin, which was sweet.

This has to be the last season for this show, I just don’t see how they can continue doing this. The writing is still fairly decent, but we need a conclusion and we need it soon. Ted has started to become stale and just plain desperate, Barney is starting to lose some of his charm, which is unfortunate, and with the baby now, Marshall and Lily are getting boring. The show had a great run and until the last season, never really faltered too much in terms of the writing, but all good things come to an end, and this needs to end. I have heard rumors that the writers are writing this season as if it’s the last, but you still never know if the studio will renew it or not, the rumors that it’s the end could spark an uptick in ratings, thus providing the excuse to do one more.

What did you guys think of the season opener this week?