Homeland – The Smile (9/30/12)

homeland the smile season 2 premiere

homeland the smile season 2 premiere

One of our favorite new shows of last year, Homeland, returns to Showtime tonight and I still can’t decide if I’m more excited for this or for Dexter. Homeland’s season finale last year was one of the most griping hours of television I’ve ever watched. I was literally standing on my feet glued to the television when my wife came home; she thought I was crazy. There hasn’t been an hour of television that made me feel like that since John Lithgow graced us with his presence on Dexter’s 4th season; Showtime really knows what they are doing. With all that said, don’t forget to check out the season 2 premiere of Homeland tonight, synopsis is below, and we’ll be back to discuss and recap the show.

The Smile

Brody has been elected to Congress. Carrie is working with the CIA again and is sent to Cyprus, where she’s prepped for a brief mission in Lebanon.

The season premiere of Homeland didn’t quite grab me like the season premiere of Dexter did, but that doesn’t mean we’re not in for a thrill ride this season. Brody is now a congressman on his way to possibly getting on the ballot to become Vice President of the United States, it’s amazing how quickly someone can move up in the world of politics. Meanwhile, Carrie is trying to get her life back together after getting booted out of the CIA, but the clearly doesn’t last long. After a mysterious source comes forward saying she has information about an imminent attack on the United States, Carrie is forced back into action. She doesn’t officially get her job back, but the source will only speak to Carrie. Back in the US, Brody is approached by a family friend of Abu Nazir with a message and a request. Nazir needs Brody to access a safe in David Estes (director of the CIA)’s office and copy down a list of potential targets contained within a classified file. Brody is a bit hesitant at first claiming that he told Nazir that he would gather information and influence decisions from within his new found position of power, not kill innocent people. Despite the sentiment, Brody retrieves the information from the safe.

There is also a bit of a side plot in this episode revolving around Brody’s daughter, who is now at a new school. She speaks out in class when she’s not supposed to, due to the ignorance of some of her other classmates, and in defending her father, blurts out that he’s a muslim. This in turn causes the dean of the school to call her mother and explain what happened, which leads to a huge argument between Brody, his wife and his daughter over the “false” statements that she made. It’s at this point that Brody comes out and defends his daughter, as it’s the truth, he is muslim. Brody’s wife flips out and rips apart the garage, throwing his Quran on the ground, which in turn causes Brody to flip out as the book is never supposed to touch the ground. We end the episode with Brody waking up at 2am to go outside and respectfully bury the Quran, which is now defiled from touching the ground and having a few pages ripped. Brody’s daughter just happens to be awake at that point and helps him bury it….

I thought the episode was good. It didn’t have the explosiveness that the Dexter season premiere did, but nobody expected it to. Homeland is a show that slowly builds towards it’s climax and doesn’t need to hit you all at once. I have a feeling I’m going to get annoyed with Brody’s wife really quickly and I feel like Brody is going to start to go through with a plan, but because of something with his daughter (I’m not sure what), he’s going to change his mind about the whole thing. I don’t know that we’ll see Brody flip completely this season, but I do think his daughter is going to influence his decisions a bit more. Carrie is going to get dragged into everything again whether she wants to or not, but I think she’s going to come back and redeem herself in some way and get reinstated into the CIA. I still think she’s going to have her crazy moments, and I think there will be some points where she starts to remember the connection between Abu Nazir and Brody, but I’m not sure what will come of it.

Overall I’m looking forward to this season of Homeland. I’m a huge fan of season 1, so in my mind they can’t top it so my expectations are lower, but that’s not to say I am disappointed already, or will be disappointed, it’s just hard to live up to such a great first season.

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