Homeland – Beirut is Back – S02E02 (10/7/12)

homeland beirut is back s02e02 recap

homeland beirut is back s02e02 recap

After being slightly disappointed with the season premiere of Homeland last week, only because the season premiere of Dexter was so good, this weeks episode blew me away and I’m sorry I ever doubted it. We start off this week with Carrie still in Beirut as she meets with her contact, Fatima, who claims to have information about a threat against America. The threat turns out to be a little different, it’s Abu Nazir himself. Fatima overheard a conversation between her husband and Abu Nazir (or his people) arranging a meeting in a public place for the following morning. Carrie brings the information back to Saul, who has to decide whether or not he trusts what Carrie is telling him. She’s no longer a CIA agent and nobody else was there to verify the information that she was told, and seeing as how the whole Brody thing from last year turned sour, in Carrie’s eyes, she knows it’s hard for her to be trusted… She can’t even trust herself.

Going against his better judgement, Saul trusts Carrie and advises the pentagon to put men on the ground in an attempt to capture or kill Abu Nazir once and for all. Meanwhile, back in Washington, Brody has a meeting setup with the Vice President which ends up getting him pulled into the situation room where all the joint chiefs are watching as the operation to take out Abu Nazir is playing out on live TV screens in front of them. The situation turns from “capture” to “kill” once things start to tense up. The US forces hiding inside the buildings surrounding the meeting zone are completely outnumbered and it would be suicide to try and capture Nazir alive. Snipers positioned 400 yard away have a clear view of the street where Nazir is supposed to appear, and now have the orders to shoot to kill. And that’s when things take an interesting turn.

Knowing that Nazir is walking into a trap, a visibly shaken Brody, has to think quickly. He texts “May 1” to an associate of Nazir, who relays the message to him just in time to dodge 1 of 3 bullets that scream past him. Nazir survives, but Brody is becoming increasingly unstable as Nazir keeps asking more and more of him.

Meanwhile back in Beirut, Carrie and Saul need to get Fatima out of the country before someone figures out that she’s the one that tipped off the US. As they go to pick up Fatima, the crowd around the car gets restless, but Carrie insists on trying to find any information in the house related to the meeting. She runs inside the apartment, grabs a bag and fills it with random documents and CDs that turn out to be of no use once Saul and his partner begin to go through it. It’s not until Saul is about to give up that he feels something hard sewn into the flap of the bag… a memory card. THE memory card. The one that Brody recorded his last message on and left in the park before attempting to blow up the President at the end of last season. Saul now knows that Carrie was right about Brody and he has the evidence to prove it…. eeeeek.

The ending of this episode was so awesome, I was literally sitting up in my chair watching to see what would be on that memory card. The moment Brody flashed up there on Saul’s and started reciting his speech from last season I got chills. I can’t wait to see what happens next week as Saul now knows that Brody, at least was, working for the enemy with plans to kill the President. Saul could work with Estes and use Brody as a pawn in order to gain more information on Nazir which could eventually lead to his capture, but that’s a fine line to walk, especially with Brody now possibly getting the nomination for Vice President.