Hell’s Kitchen – Season 7 – Week 3/4

FOX aired 2 episodes of Hell’s Kitchen last night after Obama gave his speech about the oil crisis in the gulf so there’s a chance I could mess up the order of things here since they all kind of ran together for me. Not to mention that we had to re-watch episode 2 since my girlfriend didn’t get a chance to see it last week, so yes, I watched 3 hours of Hell’s Kitchen last night, which is almost the amount of time I spent in the car trying to get to the airport in the pouring rain.. ugh. Anyways, let’s get to the show.

As a way to help the 2 teams work better together, Chef Ramsay set up a lunch service that was a little more basic, just so they could work on communication instead of worrying about cooking fancier foods. The menu consisted of salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries, very basic. The patrons of the restaurant during this service were all members of the USC marching band as well as cheerleaders which was kind of cool. The girls ended up winning the challenge, but not before Maria could open her huge mouth and yell at Jamie for the burgers not cooking fast enough.

Ok, I know I’m bias cause Jamie is my friend and all, but I don’t get why Maria thought it was Jamie’s fault that thick burgers were cooking slow…. The guys tried to rush out burgers and ended up having them sent back cause they were raw… god I hate Maria. But as I said the girls ended up winning the challenge in the end and headed out for a relaxing day on the beach in Malibu while the guys had to go clean up the Los Angeles River.

When dinner service came around both teams actually did pretty well, but for some reason Chef Ramsay decided that the men were the winners and the women had to put 2 people up for elimination. Fran struggled all night due to the fact that she burnt her hand on some boiling water during the pre-service prep. She refused to have it looked at and tried to push through the pain, but it started to effect her food so Autumn took it upon herself to tell Ramsay of the issue. Now I get where Fran was coming from with the injury, she didn’t want to seem weak, but if you’ve watched Hell’s Kitchen before you know that Chef Ramsay is actually a fairly nice guy and when it comes to your health and well being he’s not going to eliminate you because you had an accident and got hurt, but he will get mad if you don’t take it seriously and see the medic. So she went and got bandaged up and was right back in the game. She was still seen as a weak link on the team and put up for elimination.

Jamie was the 2nd choice from the team and, again I could be bias here, but I didn’t see that big of an issue with anything she did. Everyone was ragging on her during the little side interviews about how she always says “I got this” and then doesn’t deliver, but all I saw was her mess up a few garnishes that didn’t really hold up the kitchen that much, I think both teams finished around the same time anyways. So I understand why Jamie was put up for elimination, but I also feel that Siobhan and possibly Maria should have been considered as neither of them are good cooks. But in the end Fran and Jamie were put up for elimination and Jamie got the boot.

I had a feeling she wouldn’t make it to the end, but I was hoping for a few more episodes out of her. Either way I’m happy that she at least got a challenge win and got to experience a reward before getting booted. I’m also happy that she kept her composure during all 3 weeks and never talked back or yelled at anyone or caused drama, good for you Jamie (I know you read this crap :)) But in the end I feel that the quietness and semi lack of confidence could have been her downfall, but either way it was a good run and we had a blast watching you. Now we just need to get you out from under that bus that Maria keeps throwing you under and get your head out of the weeds… and not in a good way.

2nd episode after the jump.

So for the 2nd episode I’ll be honest, since Jamie was eliminated I wasn’t really paying attention. It was on and my girlfriend was watching it, but without the personal interest in someone I know I really just didn’t care. I find most of the women very annoying aside from Holli and the guys that are left aren’t that interesting outside of Salvatore, only because he’s ridiculous to listen to. I do know that the guys won the challenge which entailed rolling a die, picking a food that started with that letter, then making that dish for Chef Ramsay, and they got to go “skydiving”. Jason was all scared cause he didn’t want to jump out of a plane, but it turns out it was one of those indoor skydiving things so he had a good time. Meanwhile, the girls had to clean the front entrance to Hell’s Kitchen as well as prep both sides of the kitchen for dinner service.

Dinner service went well for both teams and Nilka and Salvatore stood out amongst the rest and were chosen by Chef Ramsay to pick who they wanted to put up for elimination from their respective teams. Only one person from each team was nominated. For the girls it was Autumn and for the guys it was Scott. Salvatore’s decision to pick Scott made me start to like him a bit more. Scott was the one that stayed up with Salvatore and helped him learn the dishes and helped him out in the kitchen, but he was also the weakest link during the dinner service that night and Salvatore knew that he had to base his decision on the cooking and not their friendship, so hats off to him for having the balls to make the right choice despite the friendship.

Now my DVR cut off the end, but from what I gathered from other sites, nobody got booted off and Ramsay just had Autumn and Scott switch teams so Autumn will now be with the guys and Scott with the girls and hopefully they can better utilize their talents.

So what did you think of the double episode last night? Did the right people leave? Did Maria’s mouth take up your entire TV screen like it did mine? At the moment I would say that Benjamin is a strong contender to win this thing; what are your predictions?