Hell’s Kitchen – Season 7 – Week 2

The guys came out strong again and beat the girls in the initial “egg” challenge although I was happy to see that Jamie cooked her eggs perfectly which impressed Chef Ramsay (way to go Jamie). The girls, overall, didn’t do as well with Siobahn not following instructions and getting a couple points deducted from her team which helped the guys inch out another victory. The guys then got to take a helicopter ride around LA and have a meal with Ramsay, while the girls had to unload a huge tuna from the back of a truck and prep it for dinner service. If Jamie hadn’t been there I don’t know how those other girls would have gotten that tuna into the kitchen. She had 75% of the weight on her shoulder alone, while all the other girls carried the other 25%. Although she did almost trip up the stairs, she still managed to carry that thing into the kitchen, so again, why to go Jamie!

During dinner service things seemed like they were getting off to a good start for the girls after a rough prep and some salty water, but the guys were struggling a bit. Salvatore got thrown out of the kitchen immediately for not knowing the dessert menu, but was back soon enough after he was able to go upstairs and memorize it really quickly. Andrew on the other hand was thrown out of the kitchen after arguing with Chef Ramsay and subsequently decided to just quit the show… It seemed like an odd choice, but I was hoping it would allow for everyone remaining to avoid the chopping block, but I was wrong.

Neither team ended up “winning” the dinner service so Chef Ramsay had each of the teams nominate one person for elimination. The girls chose Autumn and the guys chose Jason. A combination of personal issues with her and the salty prep water lead to Autumn being put up for the girls, which was the wrong decision if you ask me. And Jason was nominated because “he wasn’t a team player” or some bullshit that the guys fed to Ramsay. Obviously Ramsay sees everything that’s going on and knew that the two nominated people were not the worst cooks or even the ones that messed up the most during dinner service so he asked again if those were the worst chefs, the girls responded no and claimed that Jamie was…. Ok, really? I know she messed up that salmon and it’s creative editing and I’m a little bias, but I did not see anything else throughout the episode that lead me to believe that Jamie was the worst one there that night. If anything the unstable Siobhan should have been nominated, she clearly can’t handle the pressures that Hell’s Kitchen brings.

In the end Ramsay took it upon himself to boot out Mikey who could not seem to cook Risotto if his life depended on it and it held up his whole kitchen for most of the service. I think it was the right decision and hopefully Jamie can step up her game through the rest of the season so that people realize that she’s not as bad as they think. I don’t know if it’s just that she’s too quiet (which seems odd to me because she’s not), but something’s gotta change and she’s gotta get her foot in there and make people realize that she’s there and knows how to cook.