Hell’s Kitchen Mistake Last Night

I’ve always known reality shows weren’t 100% reality and that there was always a bit of creative editing going on behind the scenes to make things seem more exciting than they actually are, but I really thought Hell’s Kitchen was better than that. What’s interesting about this is that a friend of mine will be on the next season of Hell’s Kitchen that should air sometime in January, and had he/she not signed an NDA saying he/she wouldn’t talk about the show at all, I would have answers to why something like this could happen.

This is actually the first season of Hell’s Kitchen that I’ve watched due to the fact that, like I said, my friend is going to be on next season so I wanted to get one season under my belt before his/her season aired. And yes I’m trying to keep his/her identity kind of a secret in case he/she wasn’t even supposed to tell anyone they were on the show. I’ll try to get him/her to answer some questions after each episode airs in the future, but it all depends on the publicist for the show. Anyways, back to my point regarding last night’s episode.

So if you’ve never watched it, each week at the end of the episode the losing team nominates 2 people that they think should be kicked out and then chef Ramsay ultimately decides who should leave Hell’s Kitchen. That part itself is a little weird because there have been instances where he’s picked someone that wasn’t even one of the two nominated people to leave, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of nominations. So anyways, a couple weeks back Tek on the girls side was eliminated, but fast forward to this week and who can be seen in a mirror while chef Ramsay is yelling at Amanda for messing up fish? That’s right…. Tek.

At first I thought maybe they were cutting back to a previous episode to show that she’s messed up in the past and she continues to, but they don’t do flashbacks like that during dinner service. And usually if a show does a flashback they change something so that you know it’s a flashback, whether that’s making it black and white or having some unique wipe between the scenes so you know that it’s not what is currently happening…. but yeah, none of that happened in this scene. Tek was just standing there cooking up something at the end of a station as if she never left.

Now like I’ve said, I know they do creative editing to make things more entertaining than they are, but I never thought they would edit in footage from a previous episode of Amanda screwing up just to make it look like she’s a terrible cook (last night) so that it made more sense when Ramsay eliminated her from the competition at the end of the show without having been nominated. Maybe I just mis-viewed the episode and was confused, but when I get around my TV later today I’ll post a screenshot of Tek in last night’s episode. This kind of annoys me a little bit because I thought at least the timeline in these shows was kept in tact, but I guess not. And I don’t mean the timeline in all reality shows, but ones that are based around a contest like this, the timeline is something that you’d think would stay consistent due to the eliminations and such.

So that’s that, and this is going to the first of many posts related to Hell’s Kitchen. I won’t be writing about anything else this season, but once next season starts you better believe I’m going to have some exclusive interviews and possible live blogging sessions with one of the contestants (if it’s possible).