G.I.JOE A Real American Hero: Series 2 Season 2 Review


I know I have stated it before, but I love those folks over at Shout! Factory. Its like I am reliving my childhood Saturdays every time I get to watch a release by them. This one of course was one of my favorite cartoons of all time, which I’m sure every living man, and possibly some women, can agree and say the same thing. I can bet many of you once in your life have played G.I.JOE with a childhood friend, or hey even a co-worker (don’t be shy). I mean who could hate Cobra Commander? You actually feel sorry for the guy sometimes because his intricate plans are always foiled by those real American heroes! All the popular characters are featured as well, in case you forgot, including; Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Destro, just to name a few.

As the title shows, this is the second series of the original G.I.JOE cartoon that ran from 1985-1986, that also covered two seasons. This final season of this series from 1991 has Gen. Hawk coming back with a new group of JOE’s, some of them familiar, to take on the Cobra organization, and their evil plots for world domination! This 3-disc collectors set includes all 20 episodes with a run time of 7 hours, and can be yours on July 10, 2012 from the awesome folks over at Shout! Factory or any of your local stores for $29.93.


The video comes at you in fullframe 1.33.1 to preserve the aspect ratio of the original broadcast, which I really respected. So you might have to adjust your televisions picture size so you can watch full screen. And no, you spoiled kids, its not in high def.


The audio comes to you at the original mono. So you won’t be getting bass bumping, high end sound, again to preserve the integrity of the original series, which I respect.

Special Features

The only special feature you get is a Retrospective Featurette with the Hasbro Toy Team. This gives you an understanding and perspective from the people who created the G.I.JOE toys, and how they have evolved over the years, with color changing armor, and actual firing missiles via a spring loaded mechanism. Kind of a neat look into the evolution of this franchise.

Overall I really enjoyed this. I loved how they kept the integrity of the original broadcast. Once popping the DVD in and hearing that theme song, I was instantly transformed into a kid again. As stated above, this 3-disc collectors set can be yours on July 10, 2012 over at Shout! Factory or any of your local stores, for the price of $29.93. While you’re there check out some of their other amazing releases, some of which I have had the pleasure of reviewing.