FX has ordered 13 episodes of the animated show “Unsupervised” which comes to us from the same guys that brought us “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The show will be paired with “Archer” starting in January. Glad to see these guys are having the success they deserve, these are some funny dudes.

Unsupervised, created by and it is executive produced by Sunny‘s Rob Rosell, Scott Marder and David Hornsby, is a comedy about optimistic best friends Gary and Joel navigating the harsh landscape of teenage life and trying to do what’s right without any parental guidance whatsoever. Its voice cast includes Justin Long, Kristen Bell, Romany Malco, Fred Armisen, Kaitlin Olson and Alexa Vega, along with Rosell and Hornsby.

source: deadline.com

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  • Nosgoth1979

    This show is great. The voice talent is spot-on and although the pilot didn’t impress me much, the writing quickly got better. I’ve been laughing straight through just about every episode, especially Field of Dreams…and Dogs, that’s probably been my favorite so far. In fact, I actually just watched that one again on the streaming site set up by DISH, my employer. It’s called dishonline(dot)com and it’s a really handy, free website, and a lot of the shows on there are even available to non-DISH customers. I definitely recommend checking it out.

    • Even though this is a blatant spam post for DISH, I’ll let it slide because you actually made an effort to conceal it as a post about the show. And even though you probably don’t truly care about “Unsupervised” I’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s nothing great, but it’s definitely not bad.