Futurama Volume 7 DVD Review

futurama volume 7 dvd review

If you haven’t seen Futurama and you’re a fan of The Simpsons, I suggest you stop what you’re doing and get with it. “Futurama” was created by Matt Groening way back when, then canceled and then brought back, and now shows no signs of slowing down. Futurama hasn’t quite had the fan-fare that Family Guy has, but I can confidently say that it’s a much smarter show in general. It doesn’t rely on the low-brow humor and weird flashback jokes that Family Guy does, yet it still maintains it’s hilarity. This volume contains 13 episodes that cover things like Bender falling in love with a vending machine… I mean, if that kind of thing doesn’t make you want to watch this, then you’re reading the wrong site.

Fans of the series are definitely in for a treat with this volume. All 13 episodes contain commentary tracks that are sure to keep you busy for hours, combine that with the other special features and this is definitely a must buy for any fan. Futurama is smart, funny and witty all while being able to pack a bit of social commentary in there as well. I’m not sure that it will have the long running success that The Simpsons has, but it’s definitely going to be sticking around for a while.

In terms of audio and video, the video is presented to us 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, and with most animated shows these days, looks beautiful on DVD. Even though this isn’t the blu-ray, the colors pop and everything looks amazing. Going along with that same excellence is the audio. The 5.1 Dolby mix does exactly what it needs to do. Nothing pops, all voices are audible and flying through space never sounded so great. No complaints in terms of audio visual presentation on this set.

As I mentioned above, each episode has it’s own commentary track, which fans will love, but there’s also a bonus commentary track on “A Farewell to Arms”. Each commentary has quite a few people on it and can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there is a lot of good information jammed in there if you’re looking for that sort of thing. Combine that with a handful of deleted scenes and you’d think this set was amazing as it is… but there’s more. The other special features are more audio based as there is “Futurama Karaoke” which gives you 5 different songs to sing along with the characters. There’s also “Christopher Tyng’s Big Score” where he shows you how the Futurama theme song comes together as he plays different instruments in his home studio.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the series, there’s no reason  you shouldn’t pick this up. Even if you’re not a fan I suggest grabbing a copy of this and then going back to catch yourself up on this wonderful series. We look forward to many more years of hijinks from the guys at Planet Express.

Futurama Volume 7 is available on DVD on December 11, 2012

futurama volume 7 dvd review