Fringe: The Plateau (10/7/10)

fringe the plateau

I know I’m not alone in wanting answers to the biggest question from last week, but will we ever find out if Walter was able to make the cow produce chocolate milk?!??! I don’t know, but I do know that Peter is a fool if he can’t see that he’s been making out with the wrong Olivia.

The Plateau

Olivia is plagued by visions; Secretary Bishop unveils his secret plan to Col. Broyles; the Division races against time to halt a series of catastrophic events.

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Here we go… SPOILERS

If you have been following this season at all you’ve noticed that we alternate from universe to universe. This week’s involved the side where Olivia1 is, so the side where Charlie is still alive and Walter is the head of the DOD. Which means more BROWN HAIRED OLIVIA! (that’s for you AC)

The episode starts out with the key antagonist, this being a random character, whom is able to start accidents with his mind. He is able to see an accident before it happens by running a series of equations through his brain. The first accident we see is a woman getting hit by a bus, which was pretty graphic for TV I would have to say. They actually show the woman getting hit! So the Fringe division is put in charge of trying to figure out what is causing these accidents. A few more of these bus accidents happen, causing Olivia1 and the gang to think about a pattern. They realize that all of the accidents had involved workers from a hospital doing an experiment, and a balled point pen. I should add that during the first accident, Oliva1 “sees” Peter standing across the street. Of course this gives us the impression that her memory is remembering some things of her life. Another accident happens later on which causes the Fringe crew to jump into action. This one involved another bus, but unlike the other one, this victim was still alive. While surveying the area, Olivia spots a ball point pen rolling out from under a car. This prompts her to survey the scene, where she notices a man standing on a bridge. Well apparently this accident was not over, because the culprit was on the bridge and throwing a bike onto the road! So Olivia1 goes up to confront the man. As a truck is coming through it has to slow down to miss the bike that the culprit had tossed, which allows the man to jump off the bridge onto the truck, thus escaping! Now Olivia1 knows what he looks like

So the Fringe crew heads over to the hospital that all these victims had been working at. While in the hospital, Olivia1 looks into a room with some patients in it and sees Walter from the other side. As above, it seems that Olivia1 still has some memory of her “Real” life. They question the doctor in charge and find out that there had been an experiment done taking people with very low IQ’s and giving them a drug to boost their intelligence. While looking at a video presentation of the experiment, Olivia1 sees the man who is responsible for all of the accidents and deaths. They ask for information about him and find out that his guardian is his young sister.

I should mention while all this is going on, Charlie is starting to question if the Olivia there is the Olivia from that side. He notices some things that she has been doing, and a series of questions are asked to see if she can answer then correctly. At least someone on one of the sides is noticing that something might be wrong. Of course she can answer all of the questions fine, thus making Charlie believe that maybe he was wrong.

OK i digress. Olivia1 and Charlie now head over to the sister’s place where the man is staying. Olivia1 tells the girl that her brother might be dangerous and causing these accidents. She of course is sadden by this news and offers to help them find her brother. She hands Olivia1 an envelope, which was sort of a “goodbye” letter from the brother to the sister. This letter revealed where he would be if at all she was in trouble or needed him. So the Fringe team heads over to the hotel in question. Upon their arrival we see the man standing on a ledge, overseeing the two and running through Olivia1’s accident. He envisions Olivia1 chasing him only to be crushed by a forklift of cinder blocks! So here we go with the chase! Olivia1 spots the man and he beings to run. In his “equation” there is a part where he sees a sign saying to use oxygen. If you’ve seen this season you’ll notice the other side uses these oxygen “guns” when the air quality is well not great. So while Olivia1 is chasing the man, we see the blinking sign asking for use of their puffers, but Olivia1 disregards the sign and continues the chase. As she turns the corner she moves out of the way of the cinder blocks foiling the mans plan. She ends up catching up to him, only to fall to the ground gasping for air. Charlie ends up shooting the culprit in the leg, hindering his mobility. After all is said and done, Olivia1 is cleared, and Charlie questions why she disregarded the oxygen sign and broke protocol, of course Olivia1 apologizes and tells Charlie shes not really sure why she did it. Olivia1 seems to be questioning whats going on a lot in this episode. Shes starting to realize things.

Now we jump to the Fringe department where the brother is being held. The sister shows up and Olivia1 explains to her that the medication had been in his body too long and there was no real way to get him back to normal. The only way he would be communicating would be through a machine, because his thought process is just to intricate for anyone else to understand.

The next scene we see the lab where Brandon is working on something. Secretary Bishop shows up and Brandon is thrown off guard. Brandon explains that the way they have been doing it is not working. We are lead to believe that they are trying to figure out how to make it possible for people to jump universes. After Brandon is done, Secretary Bishop says to submerge the subjects in water, which clicks in Brandons’ mind. By being in a chamber, the subject will have a sense of relaxation, instead of the anxiety filled subjects they have been getting by sitting them in a chair.

Now we go to Olivia1’s house where she is conversing with her boyfriend, while he packs to go help sick people in Texas. The phone rings and he exits the room. Enter Peter. No he really is not there in physical form, but he explains to Olivia1 that she is not supposed to be there, and that she belongs to a different universe. He then tells her she will never forget this, and he kisses her. The boyfriend comes back in the room to find Olivia1 in the same pose she was in while Peter was kissing her. This caused him to question if she was alright. Of course she says yes and that she will miss him, and while hugging we see Olivia1’s brain pondering what just happened. Well you don’t SEE it, but you can tell she is starting to realize some things by the way she looks.

Alright well what we get from this is that the other side is still trying to figure out how to jump universes, and Olivia1 is starting to realize that something is not in place. Next episode will involve the original side with Peter, Walter, Astrid and THE COW!! I am really liking how they are alternating from side to side, but what else would you expect from such a genius that is J.J. Abrams?

Tune in next week with a new episode entitled Do Shiftshapers Dream of Electric Sheep? . Here’s the IMDB synapses of the upcoming episode.

Newton, concerned about the consequences of a distressing development involving a high-ranking official, is forced to call to action a sleeping shapeshifter. As Walter and the rest of the team gather evidence, they move the investigation to Massive Dynamic, where Olivia goes on high alert and Walter finds himself in a perilous situation.

See ya next week!! This season is really good so far!

Mr. Belding