Fringe: The Ghost Network

I’m a huge fan of LOST and pretty much any of the new stuff JJ Abrams has been putting out and Fringe is no different. If you know me you know that I ran a website dedicated to Cloverfield which came out in theaters this past January and I loved writing about the different viral marketing that was going on with the film. I decided not to do the same for Fringe because the owner of another Cloverfield site decided to create one and he seems to have much more time than I could ever find to update it, and it’s a great resource (Fringe Television). So this will probably be a weekly post regarding what happened on the show, but it may not always come on Wednesday since I don’t always have a chance to watch it Tuesday night. There may be a few spoilers.

Last nights episode dealt with “The Ghost Network” which is basically where people are communicating outside of the normal spectrum that people communicate. There were a few things I didn’t understand about this though. So there is a guy, Roy, who starts picking up on these secret conversations some how and he draws what he sees before it happens, kind of like on Heroes. But apparently he can also just hear these people talking in general, outside of the ghost network? He picks up phone conversations between 2 people doing an exchange and the people are just talking normally, nothing special about it. I don’t know maybe I missed something. It didn’t take away from the episode too much, I still enjoyed it, but it’s just a little strange. I feel like sometimes they are trying to dive so deep into this “Fringe science” that they are losing track of little details, like the gunshot continuity error in the train station. The guy gets shot after the exchange, but you can clearly see the gun against his lower abdomen, but when they show him afterwards the gunshot is in his chest.

I think the show needs to focus on the little details because I know that fans of LOST are watching this and they are sticklers for continuity errors and really anything out of the ordinary. Fringe Television does a good job if posting the easter eggs and errors, so check them out. So did anyone else watch the show last night? What did you guys think?