Fringe: The Box (9/30/10)

Fringe: The Box

Will Olivia ever make it out of the alternate universe? Will we see the cow again? I’m not sure, but be I know I’ll be tuning in this week to see what happens next! And as with last week, Mr. Belding will be back to write a recap on the episode and let us know what he thought.

The Box

Alternate Olivia joins Peter and Walter on a case involving a strange box that may be causing people to go into trances from which they never emerge. Meanwhile, Walter meets Nina at Massive Dynamic for a reading of William Bell’s will.

Here we go….SPOILERS (same rules as the first)

Well this episode is entitled The Box. So we open up with these 3 guys breaking into a house in search of something…they find a Box. Upon opening this box everyone turns into a zombie like character and starts to bleed, except for 1 of the robbers. I’m sure they will indulge into what this box is later on…duh…

OK so now the opening credits are done, we are placed in a spot where Olivia2 and Thomas, where he is attempting to remove the tattoo on her neck. You can tell its Olivia2 by when she sees “Bone-o”, as she pronounces it, and doesn’t know who that is. The tattoo is removed from her neck so now she will be seen as Olivia1…

The cow is back AC! Walter is trying to get her to make chocolate milk 😉

So life goes on with the new Olivia. Peter and Olivia2 are talking, and here we see another thing that could make them believe this is not their Olivia, but of course its very subtle. She likes music!

The group goes to the crime scene as stated previously where the bodies of the victims are all still as they were left, with a blood/spinal fluid, substance coming out of their noses. Olivia goes back to Thomas and tells him that the cargo was missing. Thomas then tells her he only hired two, so someone must have the box!

So Peter and Walter go to Massive Dynamic to read over William Bells’ will. Nina is given an envelope and the bell that he used to trigger the jump of universes. Of course they don’t explain whats in the envelopes. Then Peter gets a call from Broyles asking if they were at one of the perps houses to check things out. He explained that he was not with Oliva2 and she was not picking up her phone. Peter looked perplexed. Olivia2 had gone on her own to find the missing box and did not find it. We see the 3rd man or as they called him “the homeless guy” in his car looking on towards Agent Dunham with a suspicious look. He writes her name down and we see that he is still in possession of the box!

Walter and Aster are in the lab discussing what could have caused the deaths of those people, when Walter gets flustered. Aster consoles him and he finally reveals whats in the envelope that William Bell had left for him. It is a Key to a safety deposit box and a note that says “Don’t be afraid to cross the line”. He explains that he has always been the cautious one and never wanted to go that extra mile to achieve a goal. Then it comes to Walter what must have killed these people, Music! He then goes and puts on one of his crazy hats to show what music does to the brain. Walter then says that its a silent but deadly sound that had put these people in a vegetated state before death. Then he lets one go…oh Walter….

We then cut to Olivia2 trying to do some research on Olivia1. The man comes to her place with the box. We learn that the man with the box is deaf, and that was the reason why he did not die with the others. She then delivers the box to Thomas and has to get rid of the deaf guy. She shoots him in the head, and just as shes trying to hide the body Peter shows up! They talk it up about how Walter apologized to Peter about what he had done. We then cut to Thomas with the box in a subway station, and a little person questioning whats in the box. Well Thomas leaves him alone with the box and i guess his curiosity must have gotten the best of him. Peter volunteers to go and retrieve the box, but he has to do it without being able to hear the sonic waves, so Walter suggests Olivia2 shoots her gun by his ears to give him temporary hearing loss. So Peter finally encounters the man who stole the box and sees that he is in the same trance the others who encounter it are, except the little person blows up! Peter sees the box and recognizes what it is. Its part of the weapon from the other side! The box is broken so he can not close it, so he tries to disarm it, which he is successful. The only problem is, a train was coming. Olivia2 runs down the tunnel just in time to save Peter. Sneaky, but I think she realizes that Peter is an asset because he is the piece that the machine needs.

Walter then goes to retrieve the safety deposit box to see whats inside of it. He goes to Astrid apartment to reveal what he had left and its………Massive Dynamic. Man that throws a lot out there. What will happen to Massive Dynamic now.

We end the show like many of the others with Olivia2 in the typewriter room, saying that Peter has the piece and is fully engaged. The typewrite says to begin work on Dr. Bishop.

OK so this was a pretty exciting follow up. We see now that the pieces for this machine will start popping up and that the other side will begin actively trying to coarse the “normal” side into cooperating with them. I’m curious to see what Walter does with Massive Dynamic and what Peter finds out about the piece. Will they start to catch on to Olivia2 that she is not their Olivia? I’m starting to see some possibilities that they are catching on a little with the facial expressions and what not. Well tune in next week for the third episode entitled The Plateau

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to put forth any suggestions or comments about what you think happened!