Fringe: The Arrival

I still really like Fringe, but I felt like last nights episode was lacking a little bit. In the previous episodes we saw some ridiculous things related to “Fringe Science”, like a baby being born and becoming full grown in a matter of minutes and dying or being able to communicate on a frequency that normal people can’t hear. That stuff was really interesting a suspenseful, last night’s not so much. I feel like last nights episode was a filler that was just supposed to introduce us to The Observer and nothing else. The cylinder plot really had nothing to do with anything, it appeared and disappeared and that was about it. I guess it did tell us that there are people out there that are tracking these weird phenomenon and then other people that want to get their hands on it, but it just felt different last night. I wanted to see something mysterious get figured out by the crazy doctor, but instead a giant ass-pill shot up from underground, a bald dude saw it and made a phone call and then went back to eating his roast beef sandwich, which he covered in jalapenos, pepper and hot sauce. A little while later the ass-rocket disappeared back into the ground and the bald guy made another phone call, this time without the delicious sandwich. So I don’t know, I hope it goes back to how it was the last few episodes rather than just introducing us to characters for the entire episode, but I’m sure those characters will appear in future episodes, but they could have at least been creative in their introduction.

Fringe won’t be on next week so it looks like we’ll have to wait to see what happens to baldy.

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