Fringe Secrets Hidden in Record Stores

fringe hidden record

JJ Abrams and crew just got a little cooler in my book. I’ve always been a fan of the viral marketing that Abrams and crew have done. Everything from LOST and Cloverfield to the latest Super 8, but I never really got into the Fringe marketing until now. In the upcoming episode of Fringe (January 21st), Walter meets Christopher Lloyd who is the keyboardist in the 70’s band “Violet Sedan Chair”. So in conjunction with this, the producers have created a vinyl record for a fictitious band called “Seven Suns” and distributed them to smaller record shops across the country.

Supposedly these records have hidden spoilers and clues within the lyrics to the songs, as well as possibly on the artwork for the album. According to an “insider” the albums have been in record stores for a couple months now, but obviously nobody has known to look for them. So if you live in a larger city with a fairly popular record store I would suggest trying to find one of these records and let us know what you find.

You can read more about it here.