Fringe: Olivia (9/23/10)

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Fringe is back for it’s third season tonight and since I now have some help in writing on the site I figured we’d start following Fringe as well. Mr. Belding will be the one writing the recaps on Friday mornings, hopefully he can keep up with it. For now though, here is the synopsis for the season premiere tonight. I can’t wait to see more of brunette Olivia…


In the third-season premiere, Olivia struggles to free herself from the alternate universe, while her auburn-haired counterpart works alongside the oblivious Peter and Walter.

see you tomorrow.

I’m Olivia Dunham…

Ok so yesterdays Fringe was quite excellent.  Lets get to the rundown. SPOILERS

For clarity. Olivia1 is the Blonde haired Olivia…..Olivia2 is the Brown haired Olivia

Ok so we start out the episode where brown haired Olivia1 Dunham (AC’s favorite) is being interrogated by a Dr. Anderson (Gabrielle Rose) from the other side. Now if you don’t know what the other side is, you need to go watch the end of season 2. As you know the Olivia2 from the “other side” has been transported to the side we have been following, with Peter and the crazy Walter. I digress. So the “Dr” is trying to get Olivia1 to believe that she belongs to the side where she is. After a series of questions, Statesman Bishop realizes that the experiment they are attempting is not working, so he authorizes the scientists to keep pushing forward. They were attempting to transfer the memory of Olivia2 to Olivia1, because Olivia1 knows how to jump from universes. The War (revert to season 2).

So now we jump ahead to them performing the “memory” transfer. Well as we all know, Olivia1 is a sneaky chick. Shes escapes the facility and is on the run. She encounters a cabby named Henry (Cameron K. Smith), who basically acts as her get-away driver. He realizes that she has the same tattoo on her neck as does Olivia2. They are really trying to convince her! The Fringe division on the other side finds out about the escape and is on the move to find Olivia1. Here we see a nice and burnt Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel), as well as the other agents. So Olivia1 gets the cabby to take her to the opera house where the teleportation first began. But as shes arriving she is confronted by a police officer who instantly believes its Olivia2. The bad part is, the Opera House is under quarantine, and well it gets “sealed” up by that hard rock-like looking material. Olivia1 is screwed… So Olivia1’s next idea is to hit Massive Dynamic, to find none other than Nina Sharp (Blair Brown). Before they make it there, Olivia1 is encountered by Lincoln Lee, whom of course she believes is not really a person she knows, at a gas station. So bam bam a little shootout, Olivia1 is a nice shot. So on to Massive Dynamic. Lo and Behold, it does not exist in this Universe. So she conjures up another address, by memory of some sort, or looking at the big blimp, and asks Henry to drive her there. It is the address of her “mother”. Here she has a conflict with herself and her “mother”. After some screaming and crying, she starts to remember. The mind transfer attempt started to work. The cause of it? Well the adrenaline released during her escape. It “sped” up the process. So now, she is THEIR Olivia.

We then jump to the other side where Peter resides. He is in the capitol building discussing what had gone on with the transporting and whatnot. I really do not know who this guy is or what this has to do with everything, but I’m sure its foreshadowing to something that we will see sometime along the course of this season. So Peter leaves the building and sees Olivia2, whom is now blonde, and Dr. Bishop. Peter lays a nice smooth line down on Olivia2 and gives her a big kiss.

It looks like we will be jumping a lot from Universe to Universe, seeing the transformation of the two Olivia’s, and a love interest between Peter and Olivia2. I’m pretty excited to see what JJ Abrams and his great team have in store for us for this season. Its hard to really speculate whats going to go on, but the struggle with the Olivia’s will be a good one. And how long will it take them to realize that Olivia2 is not their Olivia, but someone from the other Universe. Ahh! its going to be a wild ride, and Mrs. B and I are so stoked to find out. Yes Stoked, a word I got from AC.

See ya next week with a new Fringe entitled “The Box”

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