Fringe: Marionette (12/9/10)

fringe marionette

The Olivia’s are now safely on their respective sides and Peter’s as confused as ever when it comes to his feelings for her… and Walter is just Walter. It looks like the main story arc revolving around Olivia being in the other universe has finally come to a close and we’re getting back to “normal” cases. I’m not too sure how I feel about this. Sure, I love the show for what it is, weird cases, but I was kind of enjoying the turn of events that was going on. It added a bit more to the story than just case after case, which after a while can get extremely repetitive. That’s actually the reason I stopped watching House… but hopefully they know what they are doing and it will continue to hold my interest, even after the move to Fridays (ugh).


A case of a person having his heart removed sets off a string of bizarre events; Peter assesses his relationship with Olivia.