Fringe: Bloodline (3/25/11)

Yup, the synopsis for tonight’s episode is pretty vague, which is fine because that’s not the biggest news within this post. The biggest news of the day comes from and guess what… Fringe has been renewed for a 4th season!!! This is huge news considering everyone thought the show was going to die since being moved to Fridays, but even though the ratings have dropped off it’s still doing extremely well for a Friday time slot. Geez, it makes me feel old knowing that there used to be a time when Friday nights were when you wanted your shows to be on… So there you have it, Fringe will be back next season so you can rest easy, and on that note you’ll find the synopsis for tonight’s episode below. I will not be watching it because I will be in the theater checking out “Sucker Punch”!! Sorry, I’m really geeking out over this movie for some reason…


Life in the alternate universe gets difficult for Olivia.