Fringe Being Moved To Fridays

fringe friday

Well this is just lame. Starting in January, Fringe is going to be moved from it’s current time slot on Thursday nights to Friday to make way for American Idol. Ugh, has FOX not seen the trends over the past couple years in American Idol viewership and quality? The show is dead, stop prolonging the inevitable! You have an amazing show in Fringe, that only keeps getting better, yet you decide to drop it to Friday nights to [hopefully not] die and promote a show that has been dead for 3 years… smart move. If you didn’t think American Idol was lacking last year I can tell you right now that this year is going to be exponentially worse. Not because of the contestants because I don’t want to judge people I haven’t heard yet, but because of the judges. Are people actually expecting Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to be suitable replacements for Simon and Kara/Paula/Ellen? Hell, Ellen had no business being a judge at all, but I’d rather listen to her than Steven Tyler and/or Jennifer Lopez.

I just hope that the move to Friday doesn’t mean that Fringe is getting the axe because I’ll be very upset if that’s the case…