FOX Cancels Human Target, Lie To Me, Breaking In and The Chicago Code

the chicago code canceled

I can’t comment on Human Target or Breaking In since I never watched them, but I am definitely a fan of The Chicago Code and was always pleasantly surprised when my DVR would start recording Lie To Me again (since I could never remember when it started, it always seemed to jump around), but apparently the suits over at FOX didn’t think the shows were performing well enough to keep them on the air.

I thought Lie To Me was a smart and witty new take on the whole “crime-drama” genre that has been so over saturated the past 5 years. Tim Roth is great in the lead role and his supporting cast was pretty good as well. The stories were well thought out and the whole idea seemed like it could have the sustainability of something like CSI. As for The Chicago Code, I may be a little bias considering I am from Chicago and it’s always cool to see the town you’re from represented in a TV show, especially one that dealt specifically with the city itself. I’ll admit that it started off a bit slow, but the last couple of weeks have really started to pick up and I was really getting into it when I was catching up on past episodes last night.

So needless to say I’m a little disappointed that FOX has chosen to cancel shows like Lie to Me and The Chicago Code, yet they renew crap like The Cleveland Show… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy myself some Family Guy now and again, but why do the FOX execs need to bend over so far to appease Seth MacFarlane? The show is absolutely terrible, so is American Dad… but what do I know, I’m just happy that FOX didn’t cancel Fringe after moving it to Friday nights, that would have really pissed me off.

source: TV Series Finale