ABC aired a new show last week called Flash Forward in the vein of their other wildly popular show, LOST. Now even though producers, cast and crew have come forth to say that this show isn’t like LOST and there is nothing sci-fi about it, I’m going to go ahead and say they are just blowing smoke up our asses and just don’t want to alienate people from watching the show.

The premise behind Flash Forward is that for some unknown reason on this particular day, everyone in the world lost consciousness for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds. However, when they were “unconscious” their mind actually “flashed forward” and saw their future 6 months from then. So of course we have the FBI agents that we are following who are now trying to put the pieces of these “flash forwards” together in order to solve the mystery.

So I watched the Pilot from last week, last night, and I found it pretty good. I’m definitely going to give the show a chance and see where it goes although I hate that it’s on Thursday nights. I seriously don’t think you could fit anymore TV on to Thursday night, it’s ridiculous, my DVR doesn’t know what to do with itself, but thank god for the internet and it’s ability to stream shows.

Back to the show. It started off pretty good in the premiere. We saw what everyone was doing a little bit before the “black out” happened and then we got to see the events immediately following, as well as some quick shots of the main character and his wife’s “flash forwards”. And I think the LOST/Fringe crowd is going to eat this up as it progresses. There are already hints of easter eggs and stuff hidden in the show, for instance, there was clearly a large Oceanic Airlines billboard in the back of one of the shots in the first episode. And for those who don’t know what I’m referring to, Oceanic Airlines is the airline that caused the people of LOST to end up on the island. But for every good easter egg there were some bad ones.

I get that things in the show are subtle yet important and you hope that the viewer picks up on these things, but the fact that ABC went out of it’s way to point out things in the first episode was very annoying and almost insulting. Obviously when the main character stops in the middle of the road and a kangaroo hops by there’s clearly something special about the kangaroo. There is no need for ABC to come back after the fade to black and say “Did you see the kangaroo? That could be important, check out our website for more information”. That was just lame, obviously we saw the kangaroo and the way the scene was shot the audience is clearly aware that the kangaroo will have something to do with something that happens later. Same thing with the 3 stars tattoo seen in the main characters “flash forward”. We get it, it’s important, we’re not stupid so don’t insult us.

Overall I think the show will do pretty well as long as it doesn’t start getting too ridiculous ala Prison Break and tones down the point out of easter eggs. You’re missing the point of easter eggs if you’re going to point them out to us each episode so hopefully this was just a pilot episode thing and we won’t see it again. I also like John Cho in his role, I’ve always liked him in his movies and look forward to seeing him on TV. I also like the random cameo of Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy creator) as an FBI agent. Not sure if that’s a full time gig or if he’ll just be in the pilot, but he didn’t do bad with the few lines he had.

So what did you guys think of this show? Are you going to continue to watch it?