Fantasy Factory: This is a Skateboard Car (7/12/10)

It’s that time of year again, Rob Dyrdek and company are back for the 3rd season of The Fantasy Factory on MTV. Based on the previews, images and clips that I’ve seen, this season is sure to be a good one. I’ll be back every week to post the synopsis and reviews of each episode as I’ve done in the past, so check back and let us know what you thought of the episode after it airs.

This is a Skateboard Car: Rob builds a skateboarding car with pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Season 3 premiere. Also: Drama gest a new office.

The season 3 opener of Fantasy Factory was all about Drama, well more specifically his face. Since we last saw him, Drama now has a fancy new office in the Factory to promote his Young & Reckless clothing line and in the office he has 2 large walls that are covered with giant pictures of himself. Naturally Rob has to make fun of him for the pictures and decides that he’s going to order some masks with Drama’s face on them and pass them out around the Factory so everyone can look like Drama. It’s a running gag throughout the entire episode, but it’s not the main point to the episode. Vaughn Gittin Jr., pro drifter, and Rob get together to create the first ever skateboard car. Essentially it’s a new model mustang with steel plates welded to the bottom of it which allow the car to grind over rails without damaging the under carriage. It’s actually a cool idea, but I’ll admit, it sounded cooler on paper.

To get ready for the skateboarding car, Rob gets a go kart and starts racing it around the factory. He even convinces Drama to give it a shot which ends in the go kart, and Drama, going from probably 20-30 miles per hour off a ramp, to a dead stop as he slams into another ramp with the front of the kart. Everyone’s ok so Rob decides he wants to grind the go kart over a rail and then race up the quarter pipe by the foam pit… As sketchy as it looked at first, it actually worked out pretty well as Rob pulled it off with no issues.

After the go kart experiment it was off to an empty warehouse to give the actual skateboard car a shot. Like I said, it sounded really cool on paper and while it was pretty cool to watch, I was expecting more. Rob seems to think that they invented a new sport, and I guess technically they did since nobody has really done this kinda stuff yet, but there’s no way that this is going to catch on, it’s just too impractical.

So the episode was pretty cool, I really enjoyed the Drama stuff a lot more than the skateboard car, but overall a solid season premiere. So what did you guys think?

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