Fantasy Factory: Old Man Ad Campaign/Bra Belt (9/27/10)

fantasy factory: old man ad campaign/bra belt

Fantasy Factory is nearing the end of the season, but not before we get to see Rob and Drama dress up like old people…

Old Man Ad Campaign/Bra Belt

Rob and Drama go undercover as old men in search of inspiration for Rob’s new clothing line.

Decent episode this week although I wish Rob and Drama did more as old people. It seemed like it took forever to put on the makeup and prosthetics yet all they did was visit a nursing home, where the people clearly knew they weren’t old, and just asked them questions. Basically that was the whole episode. Rob and Drama were transformed into old people so they could figure out what curse words old people use instead of actually swearing. Once they got to the retirement home Rob was inspired by the clothing they were all wearing and decided to use some of those designs in his new clothing line.

Meanwhile, Chanel has an idea for a “bra belt” which is essentially a shoelace that you wrap around your waist, through the belt loops, and it clips in the front like a bra. Rob thinks the idea is interesting, but he doesn’t seem to like the bra clip idea. But later in the show, during the fashion show, Rob introduces his new product which is Chanel’s belt. As he’s talking about it you can see she’s getting pretty upset because Rob is taking all the credit for it, but in the end he gives Chanel the credit she deserves and everyone’s happy. He also shows off the clothing line inspired by the old people to wrap it up.

I think next week is the season finale of the Fantasy Factory so make sure to set your DVRs! (If it’s not next week it’s the week after)

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